naming your unicycle.

well, my first unicycle, a 5’ savage giraffe is eloise #1,
my 1976 24" schwinn is The LOTUS
the 24" stealth torker is eloise #2
the 6’ savage giraffe is eloise #3
the 20" stealth torker is eloise #4

My old Norco is called the beater for now (while its alive)

my new unicycles name is luella because i had an aunt named luella and when she died she gave me 200 dollars which helped pay for the unicycle so i named the unicycle in her honor

I name all my uni’s after charecters in Nancy Drew Novels

Re: Re: naming your unicycle.


Coker: Corker
KH20: nameless

My trials unicycle is named Urgal the Destroyer. just gal for short. I just ordered my muni a while ago and I am either going to call it thorn,rose,Kara or pam. possibly something else after I actually see it. man I can’t wait any longer for it:(

Marvin the Martian, a standard Coker, Marvin to his friends (and I try to be friendly with him), now with Magura brakes.:smiley: :sunglasses:

i call my trials the onza, S.O.B or batman

i call my 26 inch the jvtfm Sh*t uni