naming my uni

hey everyone. do you guys name your unis? just curious, cause i love mine, and i think it deserves a name. its a summit trials, and i was wondering what ishould name it. any suggestions?

see ya, Kevin

This question has produced a moral delema for this cyclist: when does a cycle become a different cycle? When you swap frames? When do I retyre a name or retread a moniker? Hummm?


The most recent thread dealing with naming your unicycle is here.


think of ur own name u bum :stuck_out_tongue:

As Bill Clinton famously asked.

Giving unicycles names is something you either do or don’t. If you are a doer rather than a don’ter, the name will surely come to you.

I don’t give mine names as in Connie the Coker and so on, but I do think of them as The Tractor (26 long crank MUni); The Hovercraft (24 with 89mm cranks - it will glide over everything unless it doesn’t!); The Road Runner (28 with skinny tyre and 110s); and er… The 20. The Coker is usually referred to as The Coker, or sometimes the Dreadnought. The old UMX, when referred to at all, is the UMX, and the vintage one is called the vintage one.

I give mine boring names:

(all start with “my”)

  • Freestyle uni
  • Old Freestyle uni
  • Giraffe
  • Spare Giraffe
  • 5’ Hamilton’s giraffe
  • 9 footer
  • Wilder
  • DM
  • Carbon
  • Piece 'O Schwinn (converted to 26")
  • Handlebar
  • B.C.
  • Ultimate
  • 12" or Mini Uni
  • Red 24"

Giving your unicycles more personalized names is fine, but please don’t expect us readers here to remember what they are in your posts. :slight_smile:

I thought of a name!

The thrasher :angry:

I perfer “your mom” as my unicycles name.

That way I can be like "damn my nuts are numb from riding your mom for too long. " You get the idea…


Chex, I really don’t know which way to go on this one. It is at once clever yet repellent. Oh well. that’s life I guess.

I have simply taken to calling all unicycles “the beast”. For me it evokes everything that they are.

Raphael Lasar
Matawan, NJ

Wow, johnfoss I’m really jealous of how many uni’s you have. I only have one and was so excited about all the new lingo you all use I ended up calling mine “Uni”.


My current unicycle is named “Weber” 20"
Jonathan Davis… Jonny D has his unicycles named as:
“El Guapo” 24" Schwinn
“The Beast” 24" MUni
“Devurl” 20"

they will come to you, they will be perfect too.
-Jonathan Ware-

ps. my newest frisbee is named “Stiny”

“It was midnight in the Howling Forest. The wind whistled through the tops of the ancient trees. Suddenly, something enormous crashed and rumbled through the eerie woods…”

I have named my uni’s after characters in my favorite book/movie “The Neverending Story”

Semcycle Deluxe 20" – Artax (Atreyu’s white horse, who sank in the Swamps of Sadness)
Onza Trials 20" – G’mork (the Nothing – pure evil)
Yuni 29" – Falcor (The Luck Dragon - very fast transportation)

and my future MUni – Rockbiter (well, Rockbiter eats rocks)

uni57 (Dave), who does NOTHING normal…

There’s been the Black Panther and Fireball, wait til Cheetah is done.