I filmed this video over the past summer and fall. I wanted to get it done before the winter but I didn’t end up getting all the footage I wanted before winter hit hard, so I decided to wait untill spring to finish it. But I was bored and decided to edit what I had and see what I could do. I am going to start over in the spring with a brand new video.


Comments, please.


Great choice in music! I like watching movies that I don’t have to mute.:stuck_out_tongue: Nice riding too.

Woah :astonished: ! Nice Sejflip! That hit me out of nowhere.

The editing was good too.

Awesome vid, i like your style.

nice vid man, the 7th flip caught me out too lol :expressionless: great music choice

Great video, smooth style and good editing.

Thanks everyone. I wasn’t sure if anyone would like the editing since it is not very fast paced. I expected some people to find it boring.

Glad you noticed the sejflip, it took me forever to learn it. I was so happy when I finally landed it.:slight_smile:

Smooth riding.

The sejflip was so amazing and unexpected!!!

Can someone tell me where the sejflip is? I’ve watched the video twice, and I haven’t seen it yet?

nice riding+editing


me too.


Just keep looking, it’s kinda hard to spot it.

Nicely done all 'round.
I agree with all the rest … smooth editing.

i watched it twice too and didn’t see it.

I didn’t see it either.

Nice video. You make unispins look so easy. I wish I were tall :roll_eyes:

hey cool video.

What camera and editing software do you use?

Okay. I just watched the video like nine times, and am completely confident that there is no sejflip in there. Can someone just tell me what time it happens at? :thinking:

Nice editing, nice video at all… And The Postal Service is always nice to listen…

But, where’s the Sej?! There’s no flips in your video and you landed a Sej!? WHERE IS IT PLEASE!

EDIT: 0:40, look at the perverted who is trying to hug the girl. At 00:45 she put all her weight forwards and the guy almost fall…

Im sure this is a mind game Matt… Liked the vid though

Thanks man, I honestly never thought anyone would say that to me.

Panasonic PV-GS320 and Final Cut Express

Yeah those kids were hanging around there for about the whole 20 minutes I was trying to up that 4, they didn’t really seem to mind that they were being filmed either.

And there defently isn’t a sejflip in there. I can barely even crankflip anymore. I have no idea why the whole sej thing was started, but I figured I would at least go along with it for a bit.