Name tags at TOque

Everyone going to TOque…

How about we all wear a ‘Hello My name is…’ sticker displaying our Forum name?

That would be cool. Well, it would actually be very dorky, but it would be handy.

Note: I will be taking a TON of pics there, and I would like to get everyone familiar to all of us here. So when you see me, and haven’t posed for an action shot or a simple pose, please stop me and let me know!

hey sofa. i think the name tag thing would be sweet. i only know everyone from their names on here. cant wait to get there and finally meet everyone!


I keep thinking a t-shirt with the legoman face on it would rock. Maybe people with recognisable pictures could do the same… much less dorky* than name tags… :slight_smile:


  • I assume it’s not just me… is it? Hello? Is anyone there?

How about lego faces with firery red beards?

Where is this?

Hey Brian … all registered competitors will receive name tags, however not with their forum name, but you could always scratch out your real name and replace it with your forum name.

The TOque games will be held March 5 - 7 in Toronto, Ontario, Canada at the Toronto International Bike Show. Many of the top unicycle trials riders will be there.

More info on the event can be found here:


How about I just put Mike

Chex is way to foe-pa for todays new age craze. After all I havent dyed my hair in 7 months.


Yeah, why not just have blank stickers and have people write either or both? Id like both Trip and Muniracer on mine.

Wow! I’m on vacation march 4-7 so I figure I could take the train over and sleep at my aunts…

can someone please email me with more info at ?

I don’t think I’ll be competing though… one year of ridding - a few months of non ridding + a busted uni = no competing

If I go I most probably wear a marksaloted tee-shirt with my name on it…