Name of Tiregrab Standstill?

I saw this skill on some webpage and have been practicing it for a couple of days, I was wondering, what is the move called? Also what are its origins?

I’ve seen videos of the freestylists doing hww is this a street spin-off? What I do is come to a stop, do the trick and then continue riding, what else can I do? I don’t want do freestyle, sorry.

P.S. that’s me in the photo.


I did a search and I found a thread from about 3 years back, no one seemed do know a proper term back then, has the skill been named since then? Also how many people can do it?

I think you call it a…Tire grab stillstand

Oh, ok…

Technically it would be a tire grab, no footer, standstill, but that’s kind of long…

Does anyone have the real name for the skill?

I think what popularized that trick was Adam Ryznar doing it in UNiVERsE I. I’m sure it’s been called plenty of different things, but I don’t think it has an official name.

Re: Name of Tiregrab Standstill?

in OWA there is a guy who does this trick, but he goes to stomach on seat and extends his legs streight back, it looks awsome! But i bet its pretty dam hard.

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I’m pretty sure hww was done before street had developed into a style of its own.

Well, let’s make one up. How about the UniCan Stall.


I can do it,but it hurts if you do it a lot.Its more cooler if you do it ontop of skinnies or stuff.

I think theres a picture of somone in the gallery doing that,while balencing perpedicular on top of a bench rest.(i think its jacinto ayuso maybe)

I think this trick should be called something like a Mammoth stand/ grab as the hand and feet make a shape like an M (check the shadow in the fist pic)

I’d be up for calling it anything really but I dont think there is a popular coined name for the trick yet…

Re: Name of Tiregrab Standstill?

what else can you do?

heres a good good for ya to learn. but its gonna take a little bit of practice, and its also good to see you have your shin armour on too.

practice no footers in a bunny hop. and then grab the wheel.

so in the end you have exactly the same trick, just in the air.

it will be an air trick rather than a stillstand.

i would call it a no-footed wheel grab stall, i dont think you can get any simpler than that.

I think that street move is usually just called a tire grab. It’s a little like hand wheel walk, but generally, you hand wheel walk with your stomach on the seat or sitting on the seat with your feet resting on the frame. When you do hand wheel walk in that position it’s called hand wheel walk feet out or legs extended. I have done it about ten steps, but it hurts bad.

As long as you jump onto something before doing a tire grab, and are careful not to move the wheel or switch hands, have no fear. We won’t accuse you of freestyling.:slight_smile:

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Just thinkin about it sounds like a seat post breaker.

EDIT: I can do the still stand one, but it hurts rather bad in the jewls, stomach on seat is the way to go.

Another sorta easy thing you can do,is when you stall quickly bring your feet behind you and clap them together,then stick them back on the pedals.I can clap my feet 3 times before getting back to the pedals.It looks dorky,but hey

Thanks for that post - brightened my day!