name of this trick ??

hi everyone :smiley: i have clear a new trick to day :smiley: but i don`t now the name of that trick :smiley:

sorry for my english :smiley:

Kim lindberg

sometiem type of trick with a conversion of a donkey kick and a crankrole

Kinda way off topic a little cause I cant watch the vid… but what does your sig say? is it supposed to say “don’t give up!” or “don’t give upp ffs!” and if so what does that mean?

Is it ment to be dont give up for f**k sakes?

Most crankroll tricks dont have names yet, I don’t think that one does.

can i call i`t crankroll ?

its your trick, NAME IT WHAT YOU WANT:D lol i think backroll or something on the lines of that is good!

nah, lots of other people can do it.

yes indeed, but no one has named it yet;)

unless you come up with a trick and land it first I think it is only fair that youd have to throw a name out there for it to be agreed upon, before naming it. Also it is the kind of trick that isnt so cut and dry to name, it is type of crank roll it is a backwards kick, and is also like a wheel walk, somehow the name should exlpain all of that… and thats why it doesnt have one yet, its hard to do and still sound nice.

hmmm this could be try:p

So many street tricks named out there, now the flatlands are going to start

I think it should be called a donkey roll.

Or a fakie crankroll
… or back crankwalk

I’ve never seen a vid where someone did a crank roll to 1 ft ww to crank roll.

I like that the best of the three.

Edit: dam my replies are in the top 7 threads. :l
time for me to go to RSU


im tryin to think of something flashy… how bout a reverse crankwalk, reverse crankroll, back crankroll, back crankwalk, fakie crankroll, fakie crankwalk, umm… how bout the moonwalk??? it kinda resembles a moonwalk to me.

im stumped. i want sum1 to come up with a good name for this trick… in my oppinion, its gotta be either a sumthing crankwalk, or a sumthing crankroll… we just gotta fill in the sumthings

I think moonwalk is a great idea! I vote for moonwalk.

I will be posting a video/thread all for flatland trick name suggestions soon.

If you are talking about the trick he posted, I did a unispin into that same thing in my flat vid, and I know I have seen french guys do it.

I did it in this video.