Name of mount?

The other evening evilewan (where did he get that name from? he seemed a really nice guy to me) showed me a mount where you stand on one pedal at the bottom and balance the unicycle out to the side. You then swing your free leg between yourself and the frame, round the front and then on to the other pedal at the same time as plonking your arse on the saddle. I managed to do this a couple of times (but without any style whatsoever).

Can anyone tell me the name of this mount?

He also showed me a jump mount (or whatever you call a suicide mount when you hold the saddle), but I decided the potential for pain was too great if I screwed up, despite Ewan’s reassurances (or maybe he’s trying to do the world a favour and prevent me from breeding).

Have fun!


It’s called a side mount or more precisely a side mount around the front. There are many variations of side mounts. You can swing your leg around the rear of the seat( a side mount around the rear) or hold on to the seat with both hand and step over the seat between your hand ( a side mount step over) to name a few.

Re: Name of mount?

Appears to be a side mount. See (second item):

I’ve done the side mount reverse, but never the plain side mount. Which do people find easier?

Raphael Lasar
Matawan, NJ

Side mount reverse (leg around the back of the seat) seems a little easier to me than the side mount.

There are some variations. There is leg around and leg around twice, etc. To do this you have to switch between which hand is holding the seat to get the leg to circle around the seat the correct number of times before putting your free foot on the far pedal and sitting down.

Also, for side mount reverse you could hold the seat with either hand, or both hands. For side mount you use the opposite hand from the first foot on the pedal.

Then you have the side you mount from. I seem to mount from the left side, with my left foot on the down pedal.

If you run out of tricks to try, try some variations just to see how easy they are.

For side mount reverse I hold the seat almost straight up, maybe a little forward, but for side mount the seat post is angled 30 degrees or so to the back of the uni.