Name ideas for Orange County club website?

I know how many of you feel that us Orange County riders create too many threads for our rides. I’m happy to announce that I’ll be making an Orange County Unicyclists website. Soon there will be no more threads about our upcoming parade, muni, and distance rides. It should save a bit of room on Rec.Sport.Unicycling.

Currently I am in an advanced web design class so I know I have the skills to create such a website. The thing I might need some help with is publishing it to the interwebz. What would some of you experienced website creators recommend as a good host for publishing?

Few of you have the experience to answer that question but something you can all help me with is the name of the website! Santa Babara has, San Diego has Unfortunately is already taken by an Asian company. I’ve got a few ideas in mind but if you have others please let me know!

My ideas are:

Any other ideas for the website such as color scheme, page setup, pictures, etc. are always welcome!

So far the best! It came to my mind when I read the title of the thread…

Simple and easy to remember!

thats a funny one

That was my favorite also.

You’re just jealous. :smiley:


Definitely ocuniclub is the best… Also Self explanatory!

I forgot to say about the host…

I use a Brazilian host called UOL, but for you guys I would recommend It’s not too expensive and works perfectly (at least worked with me)… But first you MUST know your website plataform (PHP4,5, MySQL… Linux or Windows?)

Fell free to add me on MSN… I can help you a bit with that…

For my personal website I’m using a really simple solution: Wordpress. (It’s not ready, but soon will be!)

For my unicycle portal, I’m using Joomla (Content Manager) and it’s a bit more complex, but if you want something simple is easy to manage too. (Ask me on MSN the addres of the website and you’ll see how it look like!


My host is Only $4.95/month for a full-featured account that uses cPanel, so you have lots of “advanced” control over what you do with your account. Runs on Apache.

Beware of free web hosting. Sure it’s cheap, but you usually have little control over your account, and the company may fold without notice.

For a domain name, I’d say stick with whatever’s short and easy to remember. Doesn’t have to end with .com either, if you can’t get it in that flavor…