name for uni vid

Myself and mark lever have just finished editing the final version of our video. Finished that is, apart from coming up with a good title. Does anyone have any ideas we could use?

The trailer is at


Rick Else

Whatever you do, don’t use a word with the letters UNI in it. That’s been used so many times, it’s NOT ORIGINAL ANYMORE.

Use a word or a phrase that sounds cool. For example, some skaters 'round my place just made a movie called Faded. Their last movie was called Tomorrow (I think). Notice how those don’t have anything to do with skating.

I know, how about something like UNiVERsE ?

Didn’t you read the equation???

I got a name from hell which none of yous is gonna gank.

I went through the same thing a few months ago. I ended up leaving it nameless which I’m happy with. :slight_smile:


I know! call it: “tabasco flavoured mayo” I’m pretty sure that doesn’t have anything to do with unicycling.

Now that is a good name.

I got a few random things which I’m lining up in fact. But I can help you think of a random name, being random is… something I do. I dunno, you go lobster it for yourself.

Prolly take two words starting with the same letter, first should be describing the second.

For example… Derranged Dinosaurs… although that one sucks, I dunno wanna give you any good ones. Use the theory tho…

Frantic Forkazord… now that makes no sense… and has nothing to do with unicycling… that’s the sort of thing u want!