naked men with wings riding BC wheels

just come across this on another forum…enjoy

all i gotta say is…

lol wtf

Hahahah! New wallpaper for me. :smiley:

Where is this?
I want those statues in my garden!


I’d hate to miss out on a unicycling/BC photo opportunity with these guys if I were ever in the area!

Was there any description of these statues around? Is there some obscure Greek myth involving BC wheels I’ve never heard of? :thinking:

And if this is corporate art (there seems to be a business building in the background), this has to be the best corporate art I’ve ever seen!

Cheap suits

I find these statues very inspiring. Capes are easy enough to come by but I’d better work on the BC skills. :wink:

Against my better judgment, I did a few google searches for naked men on wheels. :astonished:

Then I looked closer at the url of the posted image and found another of his images showing the Barber Vintage Motorsports Museum in Birmingham, Alabama, USA.

Some more searching and I found these sculptures were created by Theodore Gall.
Unfortunately his Flash enabled website doesn’t seem to have any descriptions/info about his works. And I only see one of the three sculptures there. (sculptures–>large scale)

If someone is really interested, there is a contact link on his site.

EDIT: Actually, the sculpture on his site seems to be only similar to these. It doesn’t appear to have feet, but the guy’s legs are actually part of the axle! I guess he won’t UPD… but a faceplant seems inevitable! :astonished:

Here’s the one from his site:

Notice the feet.


I see the models posed on a cold day.

No helmets?

Wait, let me rephrase that…

They’re probably based on the Etruscan Attacking Wheel from around the 7th-5th centuries BC, which is most likely fictional (or Etruscan propaganda to show their enemies how formidable they were). I know this thanks to Arne Tilgen!

Thats well cool!! I wish I could look like that on a BC wheel

You can. No one is stopping you. :stuck_out_tongue:

Don’t forget to take pictures!

To make the pictures and sculptures as similar as possible, be sure to try it on a cold day. :slight_smile: