Naked man on unicycle

Quoting inches and naked unicycling at the same time is just wrong!!! :astonished:

Every June there is a naked parade in Fremont, WA to celebrate solstice. The parade is comprised mostly of people on bikes who have painted their bodies to be just about anything, some actually look fully clothed. There are similar rides throughout the world.

Last year five of us rode our unis as the Seattle Storm WNBA team. From that experience I can tell you it quickly rubs you raw unless you wrap your seat with a small cotton towel first. I don’t think this guy was thinking that far ahead!

In the PG version of the picture below I’m the one with the basketball. You can see where I duct taped a set of clothes to my frame in case I had to walk back to my car naked. You learn something new every day. :slight_smile:


Not IME, but I have been careful with my choice of saddle. This was a major consideration the last time I bought a saddle, when I noticed that most of the latest crop seemed to have seams along the side that most assuredly would chafe. I ended up with a Nimbus HiTop, which I have found works well for naked riding.

Hot weather helps as well. Sweat is an excellent lubricant.

Have a look and see if there’s a WNBR near you:

I intend to do the Bristol ride on a unicycle again this year.

I recommend getting your side mount solid before the ride, for reasons of delicacy in positioning. I’ve also carried a hockey stick on previous rides, so that I have something to lean on during the ride’s frequent stops rather than having to hover or keep dismounting.

According to the local news coverage I linked to above, he was observed riding back and forth across the bridge earlier that day and/or week. But his riding had been getting more and more erratic, with less of a straight (predictable) line and more random dismounts and stuff. On a bridge, which doesn’t have as much space for cars to do avoidance manuvers. Sounds like he was descending into some kind of delusion or psychotic break perhaps.

The guy’s father said he had been diagnosed as schizophrenic, but that he didn’t accept the diagnosis and was not on any medication. This is what can happen if you don’t take your medication. Sounds like one of those TV commercials:
“If you don’t take your medication, you start to think about a lot of things.
When you think about a lot of things, some of the things you think about may get you into trouble.
If you think about riding a unicycle naked, people are going to call the police.
The police are going to show up with dash cams.
The dash cam video is going to get posted online and go viral.
Then the whole world will be talking about a naked man riding a unicycle.
Don’t ride a unicycle on the highway, naked. Do take your meds.” :slight_smile:

I used to say something similar about being seen riding a unicycle on mountain bike trails. Nothing to do with Alice’s Restaurant tho.

I recently had a movement. Now my new KH saddle has a skid mark on it… :stuck_out_tongue:

Seen it. Along with a whole crowd of other people. In a video competition at Unicon. Can you say Yoggi?

I don’t want to think about the outtakes from that…

I don’t know him, but what a great idea to go back to jail!! Just kidding!


So Kenny, the City of Fremont is cool with the public nudity thing? Wow, things sure have changed since I lived out there :roll_eyes:

Love the painted on basketball uniforms :slight_smile:

Definitely!! Here’s a quote from a Constitutional Law expert from the Just Conversation Forum (you can google it to see it’s correct):


are you saying if you don’t take your medication, you start to ride more erratically? Let’s ask Greg!:smiley:

LOL, that’s one of those laws that can be very subjective depending on the judge… Not sure whether it matters if the “intent to arouse” is directed towards themselves or innocent bystanders. :thinking:

Similarly vague, but you get the point: the cardinal rule at the parade and during the painting party is “don’t be creepy”, especially photographers. It leaves a lot of wiggle room (no pun intended) but if someone feels uncomfortable for any reason with the behaviour of someone else, don’t do it.

The painted cyclists parade in Fremont has an interesting history. It began with streakers during the regular Solstice Festival parade and progressed from there. Last year we had about 600 participants!

Pray for warm weather. :slight_smile:

Don’t ever make the mistake I made of using butt butt’r, assos cream or similar if you’re riding in the altogether. You end up sliding about too much to keep decent control.

I’ve never been arrested riding in the buff but did once almost get into a fight with some scallies whilst dressed as a naked bee and stewarding on the London ride. I clocked them grabbing the shirt potatoes of passing ladies by feigning to go for a high five then copping a feel so jumped off my unicycle to give them a bollocking (telling off). Ended up going to find a copper once they turned out to be too scary, aggressive and numerous for me in my naked state, armed only with a unicycle and extra arms made out of stuffed stripy stockings, to handle.

Talk about potential for a viral video – imagine a naked bee-guy in a fistfight with a bunch of other guys, especially if he was winning!

Not recommended

The time and money needed to dig out of this is not worth the short ride!

RIP Naked Unicyclist!

‘Naked unicyclist’ killed in La Porte crash

LA PORTE, Texas - The man who became known as the “naked unicyclist” was killed in an auto-pedestrian incident in La Porte late Tuesday, police said.

The crash happened on Sens Road near L Street around 11:30 p.m.

A driver traveling northbound in a Jeep hit the man, who died at the scene. No charges are expected in the case.

At least one area resident said she had previously seen the cyclist riding down the center of Sens Road before.

The cyclist earned his nickname following his arrest on the Highway 146 bridge in 2012. Police said the man rode his unicycle naked through Kemah before being taken into custody. He was cited for the incident. In an interview with KHOU 11 at the time, the man’s father said his son was mentally ill and needed treatment.


Mental illness sucks. Too many mentally ill people die for unnecessary reasons. Not taking meds, if you’ve been prescribed some, often leads to death by traffic, or by cop, or suicide.

Saw that news on the unicycle chat facebook page :frowning: The unicyclist community lost a hero that day! The amount of times my friends have sent me the news reports about his naked arrest… :smiley:

Although he may be known for his naked unicycling arrest, there are a number of photos that I saw posted on twitter that people took from their cars with him fully dressed.

They had captions like:

“This is how you should be remembered. RIP.”
“Thanks for making me smile.”
"My kids and I loved seeing you on route …thanks and RIP.

So be careful out there and remember we are making people smile we may never meet.

What a tragic end.