NA uni trials comps?

Hey all,

Off and on over the past few years some of the NATS (North American Trials Series) have had uni trials guys join in the fun…spreading the insurance load. Just last weekend at first event of the biketrial series a few uni guys turned up to ride. Once comps are over, all results (bike and UNI) will be posted on (soon to be back up after rebuild) NATS website (

I have talked with those involved with the series, and we thought it was time to extend the invitation formally to the uni world. We both essentially ride the same stuff in the same way…just with different equipment. Might as well combine the energy for even greater time.

For the most part biketrials guys don’t know anything about the rules or scoring of uni trials…so it would be up to those attending to organize/score themselves. And talk with organizer about awards etc…

If someone wants to volunteer to keep track, you could connect these events by point as we do with biketrials, and we’d be more than happy to provide the space on NATS webpage for write ups/pics and such. NATS is essentially a group of independent comps tied together by agreed upon rules. Nothing like a nazi-NORBA top down organization…we actually want to have a good time too! Well, just an idea…

Here is list of events left for 2007, and contacts. If you want to join in and volunteer to provide comps for the uni guys in your area, contact here:

Tishomingo, OK
Saturday, April 14th
contact Ben Thompson (uni rider and member here, just have to get his e-mail address off my other computer and put it up here). He is currently at Moab Muni Fest.

Saturday, April 28th
Billy Hendrickson,

24 Hours of Big Bear Lake, WV
Satruday, June 9th (me!)

Raccoon Rally, Allegehny Park NY
Saturday, June 30th (actually it is Gary Lessner, but I can’t find his e-mail address and its only 1.5 hours from where I live).

TTC (Trialsin Training Center), just outside Chattanooga TN
Saturday July 14th
Michael Friddell,

Whistler, BC Canada
Saturday July 28th
Mike Baia,

Belle Ise, Richmond VA
Saturday August 2nd
Mikey Rosenburg,

A number of these comps also entail great jam sessions and cook outs…the more the merrier…

Right on! I appreciate your thinking here! I’ve enjoyed a few NATS events, the last of which was Keyesville.

I hate to say it, but I’m still not quite clear what NATS is and does. I just know that NATS events turn out well. :smiley:

Cool, hope I can make it next year to Keyesville… the terraine is sooo cool looking (I have been watching pics come from there the past number of years).

NATS (North American Trials Series) is nothing more than a group of people who put on some pretty cool biketrials events. We agree on the rules and just connect the events to make a series. The main reason this was done was that in '99 NORBA dumped biketrials national championships (not enough riders for thier pocket book I think). A group of us felt we needed to keep something of a national (to include Canada and USA) series… NATS was born.

The series helps determine who really is the top of thier class, and thus, placements for those who might want to attend UCI world championships. But more importantly, it is important to riders looking for sponsorship to have something that proves they are good.

You guys can organize any way you want. I am just suggesting using the events that are already set up for biketrials…and taking advantage of them. If you want points series, uniform rules or any of that stuff is up to you. We just offer locations you guys can compete, hang and otherwise have a good time.

Bike and UNI trials are small communities… but very similar in alot of ways.

Well, that’s really it… no rocket science, lawyers, pay (suck it up, we all do the events for fun and they don’t make money… that I can guarrantee!)…just good times.

Thanks for explaining that. I appreciate your very down to earth view on the whole thing.

Would you happen to know about Fontana events or the lack there of? It seems that at one time (before i lived in California) they were a pretty regular thing.

Thanks for the post, I passed this link around to some of the other Richmond unicyclists.

Last year I saw this event with Frank (Hell-on-Wheel) and Phil (pdc) just before we did a brutal Muni ride —for me at least— Frank joined in and took first place on the beginner’s trials line :smiley:

Friggin bump…I want fontana :smiley:

I went to Raccoon rally 2 years ago. Good times, seemed like a nice enough comp. I rode my bike.

Does it cost anything to compete?
Sounds sweet though!! I wana try it…

NA trials

Everyone who can do this, should do it. Tim/Trialsin is Mr. Enthusiasm, and he will organize good stuff.

any in texas?
i would definitely be up for one in the southern 1/2 of the state this summer.

Sorry, been off the internet for a couple days. Anything north of 32 degrees with sunshine is reason to not be inside in Buffalo NY!

MANGO, have not forgot your question. Am trying to search for Zak Maedas e-mail address for you regarding Fontana events.

SKROBO. In just a few weeks will be Tishomingo event in OK. I am told by my Texas friends it is just a few hours north of Dallas. Hope to get more info tomorrow tomorrow.

Is there a charge? Yes. What ever the event organizer (I don’t use the word promoter because that implies someone is actually making money from it… HA!). Anyway, most NATS events range from $25 to $38 (same as bikes). Not cheap, but it goes some way (though definaly not all the way) to covering insurance.

Ben Thompson is somewhere on this forum (and from OK), and can hopefully tell you where he is in dicussing this with organizer.

aww, thats very nice of you, but I can email zak just as easily. I didnt mean for you to have to go out of your way to do that. I just thought you might know offhand.