N36 dismount help

Well, my N36 showed up Friday, and it’s great! Freemounting is pretty simple, since the wheel doesn’t really want to spin too easily until you get rolling, then watch out!

Anyway, I dismount my KH24 and KH29 by just slowing down and going off the front. Well, I tried this on the N36, and it’s a disaster. Too far to fall down and still hold the T7 to keep the uni from crashing.

I watched Jess in the Tuxedo Junction video, and I’m trying to copy his dismount, but was wondering if anyone has any detailed suggestions on dismounting from the rear?


Practice on a smaller wheel first.

Ride at a normal pace or slightly slower. When your target foot (for me, my non-dominant foot, but you get to choose) is starting its upswing, lift it off the pedal and step backwards. When your target foot is on the ground, take the other foot off. It shouldn’t take more than a few tries to get it on a small wheel.

On the big wheel, it’s the same thing, but feels like a lot further down, and you may wind up taking your second foot off before you get the first foot all the way down.

That sounds like what I do on my coker. You shouldn’t be dismounting forwards. As your non-dominant foot comes around the back step off with your dominant foot and then take the other foot off…the uni should only roll out in front of you a bit.

Dismounting to the rear is a useful skill, and it looks pretty neat compared to hopping off the front. I think it’s also a little easier on your knees, since hopping off the front always encouraged me to leap off whilst still moving.

Basically, when you dismount to the rear, you’re slowing (potentially to nearly a stop) and then when your feet reach the right position you step backwards off the uni as if it were a ladder. Hold onto the saddle or T7 and you’ve just dismounted cleanly.

I used to find with the 36" that jumping off the front even without the T7 fitted could be a bit difficult - if I only had one hand free, getting the wheel round in front of me was a real pain. Dismounting off the back is much better in this respect. Also, my friends cringe less when I stall the wheel and step off backwards vs when I used to zoom at them and suddenly leap off the front. Wimps :wink:

Thanks for all the feedback! When I was learning on my 24, I had two horrendous backwards crashes, so I think subconciously I’m afraid to go off the back. All your suggestions should really help me overcome that.

Thanks again!

When riding N36 i come roll to a dead stop with my dominant foot forward, balance there for a second and then step backwards with my dominant foot. If i need to dismount quickly I don’t bother to bring it to a complete stop, I do pretty much as the other guys in this forum have suggested, step off with my back foot as it rises.

Personally, I never ever dismount with the uni in front of me, unless there is a group of ladies that I want to impress.
Usually what I do is take my hand of the front handles, and just jump off the front, at the same time I will subconsciously bring my left hand around back and grab the back of the saddle, it will come off the ground just the right amount to swing it in front againand it doesn’t look unplanned at all.
Although when doing this I do slow down a bit.

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