N36 club

Well, I joined the 36’er club this past Friday. This HUGE box was delivered by UPS, and I just had to open it and put it together to try out.

Impressive! Freemounting seemed easier than my 29er since the wheel doesn’t seem to want to move on its own. The ride is great and nice and smooth.

I also purchase a set of ProWheel 150 cranks and drilled them to 125. Just for goofs, I set the pedals to 125 and rode it that way. What speed, although I don’t have the skill to slow down yet. so, back to the 150’s and out for a ride around town.

Well, if I got looks and comments before, this uni really brings them out! All positive, so that’s good.

So I went to Dick’s Sporting Goods on Firday night to get the water bottle and bracket, grips, tool carry bag, and wired computer. Installed everything when I got home.

The amazing thing is that after riding this, my 24 and 29 feel so much easier to control. However, for riding around town and distance, this is it!

This will be my ride for the LBI Unithon on June 2.

Notice the drilled cranks:

Is that a garage door with a handle?
O, yeah, nice uni too.
But really, did you take it for a ride since you have had the computer on it?
What is your average speed and such?
Looks very nice, how much did it cost you total, with the drilled cranks and the computer and everything else.

Did you drill them yourself?


top speed?

very nice work on the cranks. Id like to do so, but my 110’s do well for me at the moment.

I just finished the upgrades on my nimbus 36. I’m glad to be done…and I am until the KH geared hub is released.


My old touring cycle on the left and my friend’s trials cycle on the right:



Front Handle:

Lower Frame/Wheel:

Brake pads closer view:

Better View of handle configuration:

The whole 9 yards:

I have a low end UDC 36

Thanks for your post. I like the pictures.
I’ve been riding 36 only a few weeks. I have had only a few bails, and no real injuries.:slight_smile:
Looking at the t bar in the rear…Hmmmm, I suppose there is a good reason for this. I must have read some, yet I have forgot. :thinking:
How painful to come off that thing and land rough on the steel rear bar thing. :astonished: Not that, that will ever happen to you of course, and many people use this design. :roll_eyes:
I can’t help wondering if there is a better place to carry kit. Perhaps a lower saddle bags setup. Soft leather bags.:slight_smile:

It’s intended for mounting another bottle cage under, mounting saddle bag under and for pushing the uni, it works out a lot more useful than it looks.

storing weight lower

Maybe that would be better. Hanging weights aft of the seat, at seat hight will cause more “balance effect” trouble, I am guessing, then storing water in a hollow fender around the lower rear of the wheel. :sunglasses:
I really like these pics and this thread.:slight_smile: 36 tech is still evolving.:smiley:

the weight of the handle and associated stuff hanging out the back makes no difference, you just lean very slightly more forward, it’s not even a concious decision. I an swap between my N36/T7 and my mates coker wihout a second thought, it doesn’t feel any different.

yeah it doesn’t bug me much other than if I have a 20 oz drink in both front and back cages and a days worth of road snacks in the carrying bag on the back…it doesn’t make me feel off balance, just heavy :stuck_out_tongue:

The handle surprisingly doesnt get in the way if you fall. The only time I’ve had a problem is when a teammate of mine UPD’d and didnt jump far enough off of the front…his cycle fall forward after he landed on his feet and he got T7’d in the back of the ankle/foot which i suppose really hurt by the sounds of his cursing.

habbywall - I’m still getting used to the size of this, so my average speed has been approx 8.5mph on the 3 one hour rides I’ve done so far.
Cost from UDC: N36 Deluxe, $580, 14ga spoke upgrade, $36, T7, $65, shipping, $40, coputer, $20, tool bag, $15, water bottle and holder, $7.00

thayr - yes, I can drill and tap cranks for 9/16 pedals. Thanks, zfreak220, for the link.

Jimwahhh - I’m still in practice mode, but my top speed has been 12mph.

felthelight - the T-bar in the back is narrower than the seat, so I have never hit it coming off a dismount. It is very handy for walking the uni, and protecting the seat from harsh ground hits.

Yes, you don’t really notice any extra weight, even with the tools and water. After all, my backpack weighs almost 12 pounds when full of water and accessories (power bars, towel, first aid kit, etc). I usually only carry that on longer out-of-town rides (or Moab this year), and hardly notice that. I will say I have gone from 186 lbs to currently 169 since riding unis the last 5 months.