n00b post

im jealous of all these people’s n00b posts, so i decided to write my own…

i wanted to learn how to ride a unicycle since i started college and joined the RIT juggling club, and when the spring juggle-in came up, i entered the raffle in dire hopes of winning the unicycle that unicycle.com donated. by miracles of miracles, i got the unicycle!! 6 bucks for a unicycle! anyway, played around with it, decided to learn WITHOUT a wall or anything(this was funny for a time, i could freemount, but i couldn’t ride the unicycle yet…) progressed a bit, can ride as long as my crotch will let me on a savage seat, can go backwards 1/2 pedal stroke, then foreward again, i can ride downhill fine,and slight inclines. then, cruel fate decided to play its card, and the threads on the cranks liberated themselves, rendering my poor unicycle unridable :frowning: i looked on unicycle.com for some replacement cranks, and a whole new world opened up–why just get a pair of cranks, when i could get a whole new MUni to ride up here in the hills and trails of new hampshire?!? so, im waiting for my next paycheck, but anyone wanna gimme advice on my shopping list?

nimbus 2 frame
alex DX 24" rim
suzue 36 spoke hub
alright, having a tough time with cranks, im a heavy guy, so im thinking of either bicycle euro steel cranks$25, or oddessy black widow$89–the euros only come in 150mm, versus the extra cost of the black widows that are longer, any advice?
gazzolatii 24X3" tire
wellgo pedals(cheap, anyone have experience with them?)
miyata seat
–anything else i need?

i think im going thru withdrawal without riding for the past week of busted unicycleness, ugg!

i think it is going to be possible for me to learn everything without a wall, which really pleases me, means a lot more time on a uni, not looking for a wall…

Re: n00b post

Call me ignorant, I suppose…but what’s a n00b? Or dare I ask?

yes, you dare ask… the answer’s safe enough.

you’re looking at n00b -> newb -> newbie -> new person/guy as the transition, i guess. n00b just being a mutation as d00d would be for “dude”

all in good harmless fun, and nothing to hide from the kids, hehe

Electronic Etymologist,
John M

Got’cha. Thanks.


n00b.nl is neighbour of one of the unicycle.net servers.
But root at almost 1000…