Mystery of You

Here is a video that I have been working on for the past few weeks:

Red-Mystery of You

Duuuude I loved the step around-coast-rolling wrap combo! Very nice. :slight_smile:

I liked this video :slight_smile:

Okay someone put a hole in this guys roof so he cant ride anymore. Hes getting awesome way to fast :stuck_out_tongue:

Awesome dude! Really nice tricks, I think this is my favorite video of you.

You looked really smooth, that was sweet.

Whaaaat?? Awesome. The whole video is great.

1:00 stood out to me as being really cool.

Thanks a lot everyone!

Can´t see it in Germany :frowning:

dude this is nuts, are you comming to NAUCC? you better be… you can teach me some stuff there!

Freakin’ insane. I love how all your tricks had slight variations from the norm.

nice, nice, nice.
You’re getting better and better with every vid You make…


very nice, amazing improvement!
it’s gone from “ooh that unihopper kid is good for how long he’s been riding!” to “holy ****, that unihopper kid is awesome at flat!”

Hey dude! Yeah nice riding :smiley: Cool seeing people doing diffrent tricks.

enjoyed watching this video :slight_smile:
but i dont like your high seat :stuck_out_tongue:

I can honestly say that you’re the fastest improving rider I’ve ever seen. Most of the combos were super impressive but some tricks that really stood out for me was the 5side, 1.5 backflip, and the trick a 3:23.
I really enjoyed watching this :smiley:

pedalspin at 1:04 was awesome.
Jk, I really liked the whole vid :D.

Thanks for all the comments, they really help motivate me to ride!
Here is vimeo:

Haha, sorry I won’t be coming.

Well that must be a really good thing for him cus he makes a lot of new videos xD

Nice stuff there :smiley:

my favorite of all your video, sick trick, Nice edit well I love It