Mystery Guinness rider

I picked up a copy of the 2006 Guinness book of records yesterday. There is no mention of unicyclists in the index but there IS a photo of a coker rider on the inside cover.

Anyone know who it is?

no i wondered the same thing and saw that pic. i dont see him on any page either, just the inside cover. wierd

I saw that too. I spent forever searching that book in the store for it, but I couldnt find anything about any unicycles.

It’s not even in the “strange/unusual sports” chapter.

This thread is useless without pictures of the mystery photo.

Mystery Guinness rider… and on a Coker - if I didn’t see this post, I would have assumed it has to be john_childs!

Well, maybe it is John… and he just wants all of us to see his picture!

Here is the mystery man.


Re: Mystery Guinness rider

Can’t it be Ken Looi, who owns the 24 hr record?

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Doesn’t look like Ken, unless he’s gained a few years and pounds.

And black socks with riding clothes? We can probably narrow it a bit based on that too.

hehe nope thats definately not Ken! haha

No I don’t think it’s me either :wink:

are we sure that’s a coker? it looks a bit small to me.

That T-shirt must also be a bit of a clue.

What’s the bet John Foss not only knows the guy but also has him on speed-dial and once dated his siter?

John Childs dated his sitter?


Aaargh! I meant SISTER.

But I did say Foss and not Childs.

Oh Arse…


I feel quite sure it’s not a coker, maybe not even a 29er

It is definitely a coker. The attached image is pretty crappy which may be causing a bit of confusion. (sorry I don’t have a scanner so made do with a digital camera shot of the book). On the original image you can make out the very distinctive coker tyre tread pattern plus you can also tell it is an airfoil rim. That means our mystery rider is not a small person.

hmmm, somebody not small who rides a coker… who could it be?

I only know one unicyclist big enough to make a coker look like a 29er, and he’s been posting since 97

I hadn’t seen the picture when I made that suggestion. Because of the way I usually read and post here (using Usenet, writing offline) the pic was not yet posted, even though the time of my response is 46 minutes later. I agree it doesn’t look like Ken. But it seems to be a Coker indeed, see attached processed picture. That must be a very tall man.

Klaas Bil

too tall for Roger davis, too male for me or tall claire, too old for tall Paul , Not Fat Paul, Not Rocket or Miark or Joe Marshall… Not enough Hair for Steve Colligan , not enough beard for Stu … I’m stumped.