Mysterious used, "japanese made unicycle with an "M" on it I'm considering buying? Ad

I’m going to look at an unknown unicycle the seller seems to know little about. Says he bought it but never got into unicycling. When I asked what brand or type he says he doesn’t know, only that its some japanese made unicycle and has an “M” on it. And an eagle.
He’s selling it for $40. Any ideas on what type or brande it may be?
Worth buying for my first uni?

Try to post a picture of it if you can, then we can offer more opinion. The description doesn’t ring a bell for me, but that doesn’t mean it’s good or bad…

Wouldn’t that be a Miyata unicycle? I don’t know if they have an eagle, but they do have a nice M. They are supposed to be among the best and very hard to find.

Juan Reyero

I think Miyata was more associated with flamingos than eagles.


Actually Miyata has used a logo that looks like an M inside a gear. Never saw that on the unicycles, but this could be an old one or something? I have one from 1978 that still has the familiar flamingo sticker on the crown, but Miyata is a possibility.

Still, we need a description to offer more information. Bearing type, fork crown type, seat type, etc.