Mysterious Flat on my Coker

I put my Coker up after an evening ride. Got it out the following day and it was flat. :frowning: It’s pretty new and I was sure I didn’t run over anything. I had to remove the tire for the first time. I thought this might be difficult after reading some threads on changing Coker tires but it came off quite easily. I was also able to easily put it back on with just my fingers. When I got the tire off I found the culprit. The rim strip was off to the side leaving spokes exposed in 3 places. I’d suggest anyone getting a stock Coker removing the tire and checking the rim strip to avoid having a flat at an inopportune time.

This was one of the “new” Delorean (as dubbed by Obie I think) stock rims.

Rim Shot

delorean rim.jpg

Re: Mysterious Flat on my Coker

Changing the tire on AirFoil rim is the difficult one. The stock rims are pretty easy to change the tires on.

that’s unlucky at least it was a slow & you didn’t have to walk home. Maybe put some electrical tape on so it doesnt slide off like that. you might want to do something around the rim weld too, as I noticed a couple of nasty bits of metal sticking out (or you could sandpaper it)
it now makes me paranoid & think that I should check mine!

I’ve heard of rim tape. Is there a specific tape made to put in place of or in addition to the rim strip?

Re: Mysterious Flat on my Coker

nope that was me. somwhere in this thread

Ask your LBS (or PM me, I suppose) for 2 rolls of Salsa Poly Rim Tape 16mm. That’s all you need. Electrical tape is notorious for creep, easy puncture, and leaving a huge gooey mess.

rim tape

Hmmm… you have me worrying now about my Coker.
I put a average of 50psi. I plan to do some muni w/ my new Coker, how much psi is recommended for muni? 30psi? 20? 15?

I am heading out to my local bike store and get some Velox rim tapes! While there, I am going to get some alloy pedals.
The store owner recommended BMX alloy pedals which he says can take lots of beatings.
AND also get some 4inch cranks for speed!

I agree with Dave on this. I would only add electrical tape on top of cloth rim tape. This leaves the gooey mess on the easily removed cloth rim tape, the vinyl adds some slipperiness to the coverage, and the puncture resistance does not depend on the weak, easily torn vinyl, it depends on the cloth rim tape. The Salsa Poly Rim Tape is probably the much tougher polyethylene or even polypropylene. has the Velox rim tape (Price: $2.95). 2 rolls are needed for the coker…