Myspace unicyclists

How many people here have a myspace account…i know of almost 20 riders on myspace, and few of htem are from here, so if u are post ur link! If there is a thread of this somewhere else im sry, but post ur link…

I have a myspace but no uni pictures. Only pictures of me skateboarding now. Here’s the link , and catboy for heavens sake get a new pic.

Ha ha, i thuoght why does a skater want to be on my frind list till i read down to and unicycling…and yes please Eric change you damn default pic PLEASE!

I did, nekkid Yoggi is no longer there. Instead it’s a certain crazy cat ninja flipping out with a stick!

Um… ill find the link my friend made it but it is called ‘cliff the coolest’

ehh, I have one, but haven’t checked it in aaages…I prefer using livejournal

I don’t know why myspace is so great when in reality it is so useless.

I agree, I signed up for it, then thought…now what? so I went back to livejournaling.

It’s quite useful, several times I’ve met people at a concert/party wahtever and of course I had no contact info, but I searched their name on mysapce and was able to contact them and become friends. I’ve also met back up with people I’d lost contact with, bpeopel I knew from high school etc.

You post in this and the AIM thread but dont say the addy. Whats with that? Its like oh yeah I have it but I dont feel like telling you. pshh I see how it is. oh yeah theres mine.

okay, fiiiiine, you want it? here

there’s nothing there, as far as I know…the only thing I did, was added my friend Aditi to my friends list. but she never uses myspace either, she also prefers livejournal.


I’m on myspace, although I never use it.

Umm I dk if its already been said- I didn’t read all of this page, but catboy it looks like you copied and pasted a list of recording artists. I mean its in alphabetical order. Again this may have already been said I just thought it was wierd. (“cycle” because i bike and uni and am too proud of both to decide between them)

revivng this thread after many months.

im addicted to myspace! ahhh

heres mine:

awwwww niggggggggga