Myself on TV sharing my love for unicycling :)

Heres a piece that was filmed the day I left for America (thus why I say I haven’t had a unicycle injury thats made me bed ridden haha).

Also here’s a page on facebook you can like if you wish which I’ll start to update with lots of unicycle progress regarding myself and others in my area. People in my town have asked for a place where they can keep up with my progress, so here it is.

I guess you’re up in the big leagues being posted all over the news and TV. :sunglasses:
But really thats cool!!!

Hey I made that page :slight_smile: Haha. Good article Christian. I love it…and may actually love you.

Yeah I figured I might aswell use it xD so dont delete it haha

OMG ! It’s the best street-style unicyclist on the planet !

Just kidding, I thought it was a really good portrait of you and of our sport. I like how they used some of your own footage, and some they filmed with you (I guess). It’s so cool that you can get such good exposure on TV !

I hope Kelly doesn’t mind, but I also think I love you ! But who doesn’t ?

Like… oh wait I’m not on Facebook right now.

good stuff mate they all seemed made up to be doing the sport.surly it can only help and try to keep them all out of trouble.

More than your awesome riding abilities, I’m jealous that you live in a country where the school would not force everyone to wear helmets or other protection. Heck I even saw some bare feet! If that video were here, I bet there would be a child endangerment lawsuit… even though no one got hurt! :roll_eyes:

Very nice! I liked: “he’s ridiculously clever at what he does” :slight_smile:

I agree wholeheartedly. People were constantly giving me grief if I didn’t wear my guards/helmet when I was a kid riding a unicycling. I learned the hard way that a helmet, pads, and shoes were a good idea when unicycling.

That’s really cool! It’s awesome how many people are unicycling at that school!