Myrtle Beach

i just got back from a trip to myrtle beach for spring break it was tons of fun considering i did so much uniing. some funny stuff, i was riding on the beach with my friend at night and this group of older kids stoped us and this one kids like, “whoa man you look tricky!”, so i said “i guess” the he went on to ask me if i could do any tricks i sad ya and did a 180 and all of them screemed and yelled in fascination. a few minutes after that he asked me if i can ride in the water(ocean) im like ya so i went out almost up to the hub, once again they all cheered…and then the most funny and confusing coment i have ever heard in all my years…“does that thing have a snorkle”, i was so confused , i didnt know what to say. i couldnt say one of those creative come baacks like “the other half is at the shop” or something like that, so i just said “no” and rode away. also i was on the elevator in my hotel and i had my unicycle with me. so this lady gets on with some of her friends, they looked at me and my unicycle but they didnt say anything at first.then at the same time we all noticed that some idiot kids pressed all 17 buttons for the floors. i was mad and you could tell the ladies were too. then went on saying stuff about it and then they said…"wow, why cant kids do something constructive with their lives?"finally!..i had something creative to say(well kinda it just goes along with the sentence) i said “ya they should unicycle!” the ladies laughed in agreement…i thought that was awsome. then of course there wre the idiots that asked me i f i was a clown in the circus(no offense to those who are)i just ignored those people.also some people thought thay could just get on and ride that didn’t work too

Ha- Myrtle Beach is one of the main beaches we go to. Anyways, it sounded keul.