MY worst wipeout on the coker yet!

A long story short…
I was in Collingwood Ontario this weekend, went for a MUni ride around lunch time and finished at about 2:30 or so. Got back to the cottage I was visiting and was fooling around out front on the road with my coker and MUni, all with MR Logan and his friends and family from Ajax. Was showing off the coker and went beyond my ability with the speed factor, got leaning too far forward, trying to catch up with my body, and PLOOF!
Fell, rolled, I don’t totally know, but it was a beautiful fall. Road burn to the elbows( bad) , back and rear, and rocks under the palm and wrist, doesn’t it sound beautiful?

But yes I am investing in some gear to prevent from the cuts and bruises soon. The helmet wasn’t on at that time either so I felt kind of lucky after all was said.


Give me a call or send me a e-mail. I have some info for you.

…and stay on top of that unicycle ! :slight_smile:

I hope your hottie was around to take care of you after that wipe-out. :wink:


I remember when I first learned how to ride, and was going to RACE my 3 other more advanced friends on the driveway. After like TWO revolutions from the GO, I splatted on the ground because I too was leaning too far foward. Left in the dust… I wasn’t going too fast, so I barely got burned from the driveway, however I did look pretty stupid in front of everyone. LOL. That was a beautiful story UNI GUY, I feel for ya!