my worst upd

Last night, I just about got the hang of riding backwards. I kept going back and fourth about 70 feet each time, no falls whatsoever. But my final attempt…I started out in control…gradually got faster and faster about up to 10 mph…then started falling backward.I tried to pull my feet off the pedals in enough time, but failed because the pinned pedals grip too well. So I fell at about 10 mph backwards, pretty much all impact was on my tailbone…and I scraped both elbows and thankfully didn’t injure my head(I have a reflex to tuck my head in). Anyway, today my tailbone still hurts a little when I put pressure on it, but theres no way I can afford falls like that all of the time.

So, do any of you know about any good tailbone protection and where to get it from? I really don’t want to damage my tailbone, and with falls like that I surely will.

I’m like practically afraid to ride backwards now, and If i start speeding up the slightest bit I just jump off.

just go slow backwards and don’t run into anything

I used to have this thing called an Azzpad when I first started to learn how to snowboard. You basically strap it on at your waist and it covers your tailbone quite nicely. I don’t know how well this would work with unicycling however since it was quite bulky. Another problem is I don’t really know where you would buy it either, since I got it a long time ago; about 7 years. Maybe they have made them much easier to wear now. Try searching around the internet if you are interested.

  1. don’t go so fast backward. We used to do a 50m backward race, but I always thought it was a bad idea and we finally managed to drop it, at least as a mandatory event for Nationals.

  2. If you don’t want to do #1, wear a helmet in case it happens again. Skae helmet will be best, as regular bike helmets are less protective in the back.

Check out some of the stuff at 661, they have a few things for tailbone protection.

Eat a bunch of doughnuts, then you’ll naturally acquire the cushion you desire.

Yeah, but I want to get my backwards riding down as solid as my forward riding. So as soon as I can like ride to the end of my street, I’ll turn the seat around and ride backwards everywhere for a few days. Then I’ll do things like ride backwards somewhere, then ride back forward. That way I can get turning down real solidly.

I wear bicycle shorts and stuff an old kneepad inside to protect my tailbone.

howabout a “upi” (unplanned Injury) while still ON the uni?? I had a bad one this past saturday during our big muni ride. I dropped off a rather big craggy boulder (about 3’) and because my feet were situated too far back on the pedals (on the balls of my feet) that the force of the impact upon landing was such that my feet pivoted backward, severley stretching/spraining my achilles tendon! OUCH! :astonished: I always try to make sure that my feet are centered on the pedals when doing drops, but I guess I didn’t that time! PArt of the problem is that I have weak ankles to start with, so that’s a definite disadvantage, but hey…that won’t stop me man!

Get yourself some padded shorts. Several companies make them, but heres some at UDC