My worst UPD ever

This happened a while ago, but I wasn’t on the threads then. anyway as you can see I hopped off of the concrete thingy and smashed my face into the picnic bench. I fell because there was a wood bit that was covered in ice and I landed on it. I have a little scar on my face still.

sweeet, thats a good one. video?

I did it after having lunch with some friends, so there is no documentation, but they thought I was dead for a moment there. The best part was I got up and rode off after lying there for 5-10 seconds, I even had a descent ride afterwards.

I love that drawing!

That is a GREAT drawing. I love how it captures the beauty of the day and the horror of the landing. I’m not sure I’d call that a ‘UPD,’ however. Maybe UPFP (unplanned face-plant). I’m glad you’re mostly ok afterwards – the scar is a great touch. You can even name it (I like the name Picnic Table).

Who needs video or photos with a drawing like that? He even has the sun mocking him.

I was hoping someone would notice the sun. Also I think picnic table is a great name for the scar.

Yeah, and after everyone gets used to calling it that, it can change it to P. Tabby. It will be the hippest of all scars.

I havent read anything in a long time that made me chuckall out loud in a long time thaks a million

I am much gratified to be of service.

I will try to make you chuckle again one day.