My worst uni injury yet

I have a lot of planks and milk crates and stuff like that. I just set them up in my back yard and uni around on them. So I have some trouble with some setups, i fall off when i don’t want to and I can’t get up a certain slope but then i came to a conclusion that made me ride twice as better as before, I’M INVINSIBLE!

My safety gear is as follows:
Helmet (skate helmet not a bike helmet those are a bit spickey for my taste)
Elbow pads
(fingerless)Riding gloves
661 knee shin guards

Not a lot of gear but more than what some people wear.

Anyway so I think that I am totally A #1 with my impenetrable gear so I ride with little fear and intimidation. So I ride pretty well and I’m quite pleased with myself. Now… onto the crash.

The set up was a long plank going up to two milk crates stacked on each other with another milk crate half way up for support. You follow me so far? I hope so. Anyway, so I ride up with the goal to stop at the top and hop off. When I get up there, however, the milk crates come out from under me and I fall.

The back of my head smacks into the plank and the lip of my helmet stops the board, jamming it into the back of my head even worse. That and my back was scraped up on a milk crate. And now the aftermath…

I was pretty much done unicycling that day. I didn’t bleed at all and I wasn’t concussed. But I couldn’t turn my head to the right without being in a great deal of pain. Left was ok but the right… not a chance. Anyway, this morning the pain was less, I have a huge bump on my head and my head can’t turn all the way to the right. Absolutely NONE of the gear I had saved me, and I’m willing to bet that my helmet made it worse.

Still I’m not dumb enough to stop wearing gear but I think that I got a little over confident and cocky. Even maybe a little dependent… I dunno. Anyway I just thought I’d share.

Somewhat related.
Two B.C. Canada physicians are doing studies on mountain biking and rock climbing injuries. Here are two links to the article (two links in case one of them goes dead):
PDF at
Original article at

Here’s a quote from the article that sticks out:

Maybe the answer is to wear no armor because the people with less armor are getting fewer injuries. :slight_smile:

Trials poser wears helmet to no avail

Interesting observations. Did you mean invisible or invincible? Does wearing a helmet impede your spelling?

Another interesting observation, albeit an understatement.

I think Dingus would be an apt name for someone being injured while wearing safety gear and under the false pretense that they are invincible. The money you spend on head protection does not make you think any more clearly in a dangerous situation than someone with no helmet. To be safe, being aware of potential safety hazards is equally important to wearing safety equipment, if not more so. Investing some time to think before you act (or speak or post) could be more productive than impulsively buying safety gear that you don’t know how or when to use.

(I knew Rowan was going to post soon…) :smiley:

Re: My worst uni injury yet

So your theory is that a static object affixed to your head, somehow increased the impact force? Amazing!

I can imagine if you had a nail or rock fixed to your head and you fell on that you might get that effect, but not something shaped like a helmet.

The main lesson in this story is ‘be sure of your support’, the helmet is to protect the brain, not replace it.

Dude, were you traumatized by a childhood tutor who was a bit too free with the ruler on your knuckles, or what? You can stop, anytime, Man- when you feel that special need to suck the joy out of other people, just go for a ride on the wheel instead… you might even feel better…

Rock on, XWonka; keep us up-to-date on you’re trials and triumphs- I enjoy hearing both.


Re: Re: My worst uni injury yet

Perhaps you should see figure a. I really didn’t explain this well so i made a crappy diagram to make it more clear. Like a science textbook.

EDIT: I think it’s worth a mention that my head is being propelled backwards? I’m really trying to make this as clear as possible.


Re: My worst uni injury yet

XWonka wrote:
> iunicycle wrote:
>> *
>> So your theory is that a static object affixed to your head, somehow
>> increased the impact force? Amazing!*

Chisels amaze you?

Re: Re: My worst uni injury yet

I think a chisel resembles a nail more than it does a helmet.

XWonka – great drawing! I see your point, ouch that hurts.

Hey, I’m afraid to go off a 1’ curb, trials stuff is cool, I just wish is were a little safer than it is. Wouldn’t it be nice if someone came up with a giant tinker-toy like set of pieces you could securely connect togeather?

Safety Gear

Man, you need to get yourself some good saftey gear like me, here’s a link to my upper body safety gear this is the link Well, sux4U about your boo boo’s, hope you feel better, HAH! Take it like a man and drink some coffee!!! GWAHAHAHAH!!!

Re: Re: Re: My worst uni injury yet

That’s really not a bad idea. I really need to develop a way to interlock stuff without nailing anything down.

Perhaps C-Clamps? Just an idea.

Re: Re: My worst uni injury yet

Obi-wan’s words volumes speak…proud would be Strunk & White.


hope u get better soon
my worst injury is not nearly as bad as that but it still hurt, when i was at my unicycle club playing gladiators i was pulled off my uni and flung across the room and i kinda smacked onto the floor rolled and collasped, ouch! i have a massive blue/yellow briuse on my hip and its better now but for a week i couldn’t sleep on that side on lie on it, not as badas yr head but painful still! :frowning:

“those are a bit spickey for my taste” what’s ‘spickey’ mean?

I feel the need to say something gratuitously insulting here, but I can’t really think of anything or even toward whom to direct it. But please, don’t let that stop you from feeling slighted or angry or vengeful.

Do they make safety gear to protect us from each others verbal barbs?

Raphael Lasar
Matawan, NJ

like i said before , nano-tech exoskeletons are the only way to go.