My Worst Fall Ever!

as the title says, this is the worst i have ever fallen on my uni

haha, I think most of us have done something like that before. I laughed when you moaned in pain because it sounded exactly like what anybody else would have done.

Youtube made the volume go down alot, on the real clip its a flat out scream

feel sorry for you, glad I hold onto the seat when I jump…
(get to go full blown unicycling tomarrow!!! could do it tonight, but its already to late.

ouch… my worst fall was tumbling down a set of 14 stairs. i fell before i got the chance to ride down them. how long were you down for? that looked like it really hurt

my condolences.


My favorite part is the ‘whoomp’ noise that your saddle made when it hit your little buddies.

That was your worst fall ever? Damn you need to ride some more.

Thats what I was thinking, I was a bit disapointed I was hopeing for you to go flying arms and legs flayling before landing on your face in a crumpled heap amognst large objects were friends would have had to drag you away because you would have been incapable of walking, or something along those lines.

Still I feel you pain. When you do something like that or badly hurt yourself I find it is best just to get up and walk it off then get back on your uni as soon as you can, makes the pain go away alot quiker and If people are looking it makes you look all manly :wink:

haha that was funny but that would hurt

You should have now learned a lesson and it shoulden’t happen again hopfuly

dont hop to low?

BIF-Balls in Front, all serious unicyclists follow this rule.

this is true and i follow this rule, but i couldn’t do anything about it though, i fell and smashed my balls on the back of the saddle

no, don’t fall onto your balls


wanna see my worst fall ever?
this was a long time ago when i had my DX