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I owe a HUGE thank you to Olaf of UTV for sponsoring my new website, and I’m so thankful to Brian O for designing and getting my website up and running! He only just started working on it, and I just added a few more links.

We will be updating it more as time goes by. He recommended the “blog” stlye so it would be easier for me to update and add stuff whenever needed. I hope you like it so far. :smiley:

Haha thank you for that insightlful reply! I’m hoping the “woop woop” is a good thing lol!:slight_smile:

woop woop is good, don’t worry.
Its cool, love it! I’m too tired to look though atm but first appearance is cool :sunglasses: . I’ll check when I’m not so shattered.



Dude, awesome! I looked a while back when it wasn’t up. Glad to see it’s workin well for ya!

Thanks yeah it’s shaping up nice. I have Jamey’s as one of my links, and I see now he has a KILLER deal on 24x3 Intense DH MUni tires! And $15 LESS than duro, and it’s way better and lasts a lot longer! I got FIVE new ones! I’ve been riding with this tire for a while now (so ahs Jamey and many others) and would NEVER go back to the duro or gazz! Check it out it’s a great looking ad too! :):smiley: :sunglasses:

UniGeezerom Added to favorites!

Haha thanks Kevin I’m honored!:slight_smile:

fINALLY TERRY!! hAhA!! :smiley:

well done terry :slight_smile:

Nimbus X Street arrival! - He thinks I’m weird and I think he is weird?

My friends nimbus x street arrived today (im typing with very numb hands) and its awesome. I love the red nimbus logo on the back of the saddle, the cranks look cool, the aliminium dx pedals look sweet but give hard pedal bite. We had to cut the seat post slightly due to longnecked frame but it’s fine now. Before he had a 20" ebay unicycle and now my friend is gonna give that to a guy in our class at school who always tries and rides the unicycles:p

It’s great that now I have a partner to ride with who has a decent unicycle to get better on!

I plan to be the street unicyclist and my friend plans to be a flatland unicyclist but first he probably must learn to wheel walk, ride one foot and go backwards as it would help in various tricks and styles.

He thinks im weird and I think he’s weird?

I’ve always wanted to know what the most popular “dominantcy” (right foot and left foot).
I mount with my left foot, one foot ride with my left foot, kick up the seat with kickup mount with my left foot. My friend does everthing opposite.
I use my right hand to hop with it and when im just riding I use my rite
My friend uses his left hand when riding and right hand when hopping.

I’m pretty sure most people write - right handed with a pencil and its not that common to see left handers.

So whats the most common foot used to mount and one foot ride and everything like that?

Grats Terry! liked the hey 19 video :stuck_out_tongue: Only comment was that the text was a little hard to read maybe change the font or maybe its just me :stuck_out_tongue:

grats :smiley:

Why on earth did you post that here?!

Nice site Terry.

Haha yeah I was wondering that too. :p.Probabaly meant it for another thread but inadvertantly posted here. No biggie lol. Thanks everybody for the nicew comments!:smiley:

Finally got a chance to look through it, and it looks cool! I have added it as a favourite! Hope to see more on there Terry.

It’s really cool that you have a blog to post all of your films and photos and stuff. The site is also looking good, except for the ugly font you have. Change it to something non-ugly! :slight_smile:

I agree about the font, I had it looking good but he decided to use what hes got up there instead. Oh well. :o

Wow great updates Brian! I like new the top header too! I’ve got stuff on all the pages now it’s really cool-and fun to add stuff! Thanks so much! Hey everybody, if you need someone to do web design, I HIGHLY recommend Brian O!:smiley: :slight_smile: :sunglasses:

Great website Terry. I like the layout, easy to use.