My Wakefield Ride

I am at a cottage in Wakefield, which is a small town in quebec. There is still a bit of snow around here. Today, I decided to go for a ride a up at the ski hill that I work at. I rode around for a little while and I went inside to talk to some people. First, I met my supervisor who said “Who stole half of your bike?” I responded “I snapped it off. After all, two wheels is twice as hard!”. We both had a good laugh. Then my boss wanted to try. It turns out that he can actully ride, but he hasn’t in a long time. He is much bigger than me so he was bottoming out the tire (I keep it low) and the seat was too low. Then I found some logs and had my first shot at trials. Sure, it was only about 10cm off the ground and 15cm wide, but it was my first obsticle! In a little while, I could hop on it, hop off it, ride down it, hop over it and hop on then ride down. I was amazed! It was my first time on skinny with a uni! I did some other stuff on logs and then rode through the really technical parking lot, which has lots and lots of potholes and is dirt. The holes were full of water, which didn’t help! I then went down to ‘downtown’ Wakefield (Wakefield is a very small town!) and road around. Then I got some courage up and did some small drops off of a ledge of ice on the side of the road (created by the plows). It took a while to get the nerve up, but I managed to do a drop of about 15 inches! Thats my largest to date :)! My legs got very chaffed after riding for a few hours, but my skin is getting used to it, so it has almost gone away already :):).

So yeah, I made a lot of progress today, and I discovered how fun even micro trials can be! The best quote of the day was when I was in the lodge at the ski hill. “How many speed is that thing?” “Um, one.” It made me laugh.

All in all, it was a really great day. I improved my hopping and got a little primer to trials. Its awesome!

sweet…i call trials like that a good starting point for trials. glad you had fun

Are you in Wakefield often? My girlfriend’s family lives in the area so I’m out there a couple times a year (I was actually out in Wakefield 3 weeks ago ;))

Now, will the skihill let you ride down the slopes? :wink: