My Viscount airseat conversion!!

So I finally decided to take this on. It is a work in progress while I try to figure out how to re-upholster it.

Those first two are to show how much foam I left on the sides for seat shape, and also how I folded the 12 inch bike tube. I have since folded it slightly different at the front, but I will get a pic later. The piece of duct tape was to prevent the front of the tube from bulging when I inflated it, but it actually prevented that part from being filled, so I took it off.

The above is the awesome orange vinyl I got to recover it. As you can see in the first two pics, the original red one is getting kinda tattered. The problem right now is trying to get a flat piece of material to fit the contours of a curved object. So this is the step in progress.

The above is a picture of the location for the valve stem hole. And yes, it really is that far back.

This last one here is the sock in its kinda-cover-for-now which is serving a few purposes. First, it is holding the tube in place. Next, it is giving me something to glue the cover to, instead of the foam and the tube. Sock replaceable. Foam not as easily replaced. Then I pulled the sock tight and poked a hole for the valve stem and also four for the seat bolts. All these pics will be updated when the project is totally done.

Now the big question…does it work? I will say yes. It is much more comfortable than the stock Viscount seat. Having never ridden a Miyata air seat, I can’t compare it to that. However, I can see the Miyata as being much easier to convert, seeing as there is no foam to cut out. Do I recommend this? Yes and no. Yes, if you don’t want to convert to Miyata components, or if you already have a Viscount. No, because it was hard. The foam is thick and tough. My little pocketknife barely did the job. I know someone else on here has done it with an electric carving knife and I imagine that to be a LOT easier. Also, the tube sticks up above the top of the foam and it bulges pretty badly right now. It works, but it doesn’t look as “finished” anymore. We’ll see if things change once I get the new cover on.

I just sent you a p.m. with a pattern for the cover that should make the job much easier. You may have to modify it just a bit to get the perfect fit

Hey thanks a lot. This seems like it will help. However, it looks like both those links are the same page. Just the front and the left side as you look down at the seat from behind.

pattern for the cover

Hey Krashin’ !!

C´mon post the pattern for the cover here, dont keep it for you!!!


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An electric carving knife won’t help with cutting the foam while it’s still glued to the seat base. The tip of an electric carving knife is dull. It only cuts in the middle area of the blade.

When I made a Viscount gel seat I used a utility knife to cut out the center area of the foam. It was the kind of utility knife that has a retractable razor style blade.

The Viscount and Miyata seats are shaped differently. They have a different curve. The Viscount’s curve is less deep. I actually prefer the shape of the Viscount over the Miyata. When I make my air seats I trim the foam to lessen the curvature of the Miyata (or carbon fiber) seat base. That makes the seat more flat rather than more curved. With a deep and plush air seat the extra curvature gets to be a little restricting.

Sorry about that. I had sent a pattern to Brian and he scanned it and sent it back to me. I never really paid attention to it and didn’t notice that it wasn’t complete. At least you know how to get the curves done.

The patten wasn’t completely copied somehow when it was scanned. I’ll p.m. a copy to you anyway if it helps

I would be great if someone post:

· pattern for a roach or fusion or whatever air seat cover

· also the dogbone style pillow pattern would be evry usefull

This way you can make yourself at home!!!

I´ve searched it on the forums with no success at all :angry:


No, that’s just it. It is only half and I can’t see how to get the curve in the back. Are there two pieces of material, or just that one that wraps all the way around?

Emial Mike Rocks of Vancouver BC Canada. If anyone has what you seek its him.

Send me your address and I’ll send you an actual pattern. Mine is made in 3 pieces. One top and side pieces that are sewn together and then sewn to the top. Once you get the actual pattern, perhaps you can get it scanned to share with everybody else. I don’t have acces to a scanner. Sorry about the confusion on the jpg.

Kenny - do you have access to a fax machine that will do international calls? I have a network fax at the office - if you fax something to me it will come through to my e-mail, probably as a tif file which I can pop in a gallery somewhere, if not I can just print and scan it and upload the scanned file.

Send me a pm if that’s possible and I’ll send you my fax number.


Sent you a PM, Kenny.

Thanks for the offer, but management would probably have a fit if I started faxing stuff internationally :astonished:

I’m just going to mail one to Sigurd tomorrow. I’ll send a p.m. to Brian and see if he still has the copy that he had scanned and maybe I can share it with others in need:D

Here’s a link to the thread with some pics of one of the saddle covers I made: