My videos, street.

Hi, there is all my unicycle video: enjoy!

Disturbing music…

Good work but a little bit repetitive.

You and I have approximately the same skill level. but i didn’t see any unispins or crankflips in that vid - can you do both as well?

also, when you go up to the set for your 180, try not to prehop. just go for it. if you jump 90 degrees before you jump the set, it isn’t quite as impressive as just doing a whole 180 down a set.

I liked it, you might wana try having a copple of diffrent locations

Not bad.

It’d be better to just show the cleanest line and then one or two of the worst UPD’s.

…and more camera angles on some of the shots.

yes I can do 180 unispin, and I almost do 360 unispin, but I cant crankflip for the moment, soon I will xD, but I cant do unispin down stair or down anything. To hard :frowning:

i hear ya. i can 180 unispin, and almost crankflip. i have landed it, but cant get it on camera. just havn’t mastered it. maybe if you threw some rolling unispins in there, it would me more interesting.

I will in my next video lol trust me, I did this one fast. It was only for show some slide.

Its kinda boring watching just grinds

Nice band shirts :sunglasses:

Do you live in the Suburbs or something?

That skate park is cleaner than the first day our skate park in Hamilton opened.

First day our park opened, some bikers ripped down the no bikes sign, and it was pretty much completely covered in Graffiti that night, and also had tons of trash laying around…

I agree about Hard But True, but by the timing, I maybee he means This video is for my mom!