My Video

Hey everyone look at my very first video

Please tell me what you think about it

Thank you Catboy for hosting it for me

and just click on uni-bros

Holy Crap! It actually is a Zebra on a Unicycle!
Nice vid.


I know isn’t it great!!!

Nice video, lots of energy. Crazy Zebra suit. Cheers Dave

I designed the costume myself!


Thats a pretty cool video. Thanks for sharing. It gave me a smile on an otherwise dreary day.:slight_smile:


Thanks for sharing the Video. How long have you been riding? Hope to see more soon!!!

Re: My Video

You are very welcome. Very nice video indeed.

Dude the sebra suit was prime, nice video.


Very nice movie, with lots of fun and energy, good choice of music!

I love watching videos and pictures, and i love hearing about other unicyclists adventures out in the big world.
The best thing about this is that i realize that in a not so distant future, i can make a video actually worth watching. :slight_smile:

I have been riding a unicycle for almost 3 years and only have been doing Muni trails. Since this last Christmas I have been educated with freestyle and trials.

My brother is the older one who has been riding for about one year and I taught him in one DAY. I am such a good teacher! He has been doing trials along with me.

I have 4 unicycles

My first one I got was a ZEPHER? 20 in with seat post cut off and it shrunk on me and my friend threw it off a set of bleachers and the wheel tacoed so now it is messed up completely.

My second one was a 24 in Torker lx (older model) and is rusting slightly and I put a bell on it so when I went Muni then I could ring it at SLOW hikers.

My third unicycle I go from a friendly construction worker on a mountain that saw me and said he had a Shwinn 5ft giraffe and wanted to give me it because he broke both of his ankles paragliding and cant withstand the falls.

My forth one I got this year for Christmas and is a 20 in Torker LX and is perfect for learning trials. It will be a “Keeper.”

O and if you count an impossible wheel that I made with my brother a unicycle then I have 5.

I hope to get a new unicycle soon that will be fit for trials, but I haven’t decided on one yet.

Cool video and nice choice of music.

  • Orange

I use Windows Media Player 9 for Mac but nearly all vids I download from this forum come out really bad. The movies are jerky and skip many frames, it’s almost like watching an album of stills instead of a film. Is there any other Mac user on this forum that can help me with this problem?

thank you everyone i am in the process of filming for the new one.