My Video - Pretty second rate

I rushed to get a video out, its not my smoothest/best riding (coz i rushed it and had trouble getting a keen camera person).
Feel free to bag me out, i will have a better one out soon:o
Here is the link

thats not a bad video keep learning the tricks though! and work on your hops.


Pretty good. You are improving for sure. I see that you can do pretty good 180 jump mounts, but how close are you to unispins?

Thanks Matt and rct3.
Matt, yeah i just need to get out and ride harder on a more frequent basis… after that vid i think i have found the motivation i needed:)
The 180 jump mounts i got good… as for unispins… thats one of my little projects for the weekend - unfortunately i havent given them a fully decent session yet.


The close-ups gave me and idea about what I’m doing wrong with hopping. I can’t wait to try again tomorrow.

Good luck:)
Glad my video may have helped you!

Man I really want to make a vid now.
But anyways you dont have to shoot yourself down. People wont criticize you too harshly they’ll just offer advice and point out the good parts. Once they see the vid they will see that your not on a level with Shaun and all the pros, and of course wont compare you to them. Keep up the good work and stay positive :slight_smile:

Yeah, its fun making a vid but takes a bit of motivation to actually go out with the main aim of getting footage.
I am actually personally pretty happy with the way it came out… only reason i said what i did was coz i know i’m not the best rider and people may think ‘why the hell did he post that? he sucks’ (i’ve seen quite a number of people on here that have ridden for way less than me exceed WAY past my level!)
Anyway, thanks for not shootin me down as i kinda half thought someone may do!
I cant wait to get even better to bust out another movie that will crap all over this one :wink:

Not bad :sunglasses:

One of the biggest things to work on is prob reducing prehops. Ride as much as you can. If your commute is w/in 5 mi. ride there and hop up and down curbs the whole way, or if it’s further drive/take the bus part way. (I can do my 2.5 mile commute in 30 min and I ride pretty slow).

Getting there, mill. Just keep workin’ at it. :slight_smile:

Goodluck with practicing the 180 unispin!

i think i relizd somthing when i watched that vid: most beginers (including me) rely on there compresion and there tuck to get there hight so my advice is to jump more and less compresion

hope that makes some sence:p

Some of it was pretty decent

Oh, ok! I hadnt even noticed i did that!
Thanks Uni-Ouly;)

Thanks, after all the comments i’m busting to get out there today:D

:wink: Heres a checklist for you:

  • wheel walk 2 meters
  • hop 40cm+
  • roll hop a 5 set

Good luck :stuck_out_tongue:

Unfortunately it doesnt look like i’ll get out… yesterday i spent the day at the beach (was only planning to be there for the morning and come home for a uni, but as i wasnt driving it didnt happen, didnt phase me too much though as i had a total blast at the beach), and today its wet, i’ll go tonight if it clears up.
I dont think i will even attempt to ww yet… i dont think my balance is that good at this stage!
40cm! thats crazy! that’ll take some practice perfecting technique i think!
5 set… find me a nice smallish one round my area and i’ll try!

Its all in your head honistly, I just wholely belived I could go one pallet higher today, and after 20 ish atempts it was done (I filmed the 4th sucesful one). You could just go for a tour with the stairs, find a 3 set and do that, then a 4 set etc…

Same here… It makes me to tired to keep pre-hopping, especially while doing stairs… :frowning:

Hey Jono nice video, your getting heaps better.

Oh moses i better get out and practice!