My video: 0onacyklE

heres my video:
ive only been working on it for like 2 months on and off. Ive been putting off posting it telling myself i’d get it done, but i gave up on myself and am posting what i have. i might add more and just update this thread. comments and stuff welcome and stuff and stuff and stuff…:stuck_out_tongue:

Geez, you are awesome! You have been riding less than me and are a LOT better… gotta go practice! (nice unispin, btw, I only dream of doing those)

whats this song about ‘another cup of 80 proof’ and ‘one more cup of klonopin’…you seem too young for these words…

nice riding by the way :stuck_out_tongue:

i can’t do a 360unispin yet, and i’ve been riding for almost 2 years

btw, i meant ive been working on the vid for about 2 months, ive been riding for like…idk, since may

Nice vid:)
I enjoid watching it.


Maaaan!! That was sweet!! I loved it! Groovy and very cool!!!

I also loke the tags!!!:stuck_out_tongue: They are real gib!!!