my vid! news from norway!

my vid is done, so i`ll give it to you,
hope you like it, cause i enjoyed riding!


Amazing! Nice flips!
I liked that hickbackflip, the 180 down the 6 set
and the grinds!

Keep it goin’!

does the link work for you guys? i didnt work for me…

this one does,

an incredible vid, for an incredible rider! I loved it!

Thanks for watching :thinking:

Thanks for this great video. :smiley:
Don’t miss the street contest in Denmark 2008!!!


hey that was sick. u are really good.
later jon A

I loved the riding I saw some familiar places from an other norwegian unicyclist he was really good also:p

That was sweet. That was an awesome video good job and keep up the good work.

thanks all, if you have seen the spots in a other norwegian vid, its because we always ride together:p haha

hey, i won`t miss denmark in 2008, not even in 2007!:wink:

Thanks! :slight_smile:

Another awesome video posted up here.