My very own learning thread!

Having read some great learning threads on here, i thought I’d add my two cents worth. :roll_eyes:

I am getting a uni for Xmas, but I’m not allowed it until the day.:frowning:
Fortunately an experienced unicyclist, Kevin Callaby, lives less than a mile from me and has very kindly lent me a uni to practice with. I’ve also found out he could have done a great deal for me on a new one, Doh! Still, there’s always the next one!:slight_smile:

So, this afternoon. I picked up a Hopply 26" trainer, set at the right saddle height for me and Kevin even showed me how to get on it without face planting. Luckily I had to get gone as the kids were due out of school any minute and I had to be home for my daughter, so I couldn’t try my first mount with an audience.:o

As soon as I got back I hopped on (successfully I’ll add) and rode down the 8m alleyway to our back gate. Granted it has a fence either side and I had 3 UPD’s along the way, but I made it! I later spent another 30 mins going back and forth the same stretch with a brief period where I was actually “travelling” along only touching the fences to fend them off. It must have been for nearly 2 metres!:smiley:

Anyway, it’s dark and raining now and my legs are like jelly so the funs over until tomorrow. I’m having surgery on December the 12th, so it’s a race against time to learn as much as possible in such a short time.

Day 2:

Only 20 minutes today because my legs still hurt from yesterday. Big improvement tho! I can mount with only one hand on the wall for support and managed a few 8m trips with only mild bouncing from wall to wall and no stopping. At the end I tried a couple of times using only one side for support and only dropped it a couple of times. Less than an hour down with 24 days to go, I’ve enjoyed it all so far…:smiley:

Good work

Keep it up.
Regular smaller sessions are better than one really long session.

Day 3:

The uni spontaneously punctured itself last night while sat in the corner of the room. The seam had split on the tube, so first job of the day was fit a new one.

That done it was back into the alleyway for a 30 min and later a 10 min session. Legs are feeling a bit better and stood up to it ok, and I generally felt more comfortable in the saddle. I was travelling faster, further and with less support from the wall. Nearly time for the Grand Prix now (Austin, Texas. Should be fantastic) so I’m in for the night.

I can’t wait for tomorrow!:smiley:

Day 4::frowning:

I tried “flying solo” today. Buoyed up by my confidence with walls either side I thought I’d give the wide open space of the car park a go. I tried several times from the security of the back of our vw camper and the furthest I got was almost 2 revolutions. I don’t know if I’d got too high expectations or if I just worried myself out of it, but I couldn’t get it to flow. Once back in the alleyway I was flying again.
The cranks come loose so I’m gonna call it a day and fix it later.:frowning: