My Very First What-Now? Thread

I can:

  • One-foot idle
  • One-foot ride
  • Wheelwalk
  • 180 unispin
  • Seatdrag
  • Ride seat-out/seat-back
  • Side-mount
  • Kick-up mount

and I’m learning to one-foot wheelwalk and standup wheelwalk now. I think I should also learn something else that’s slightly more physically demanding and different alongside those two tricks for variety’s sake. For instance, I learnt to wheelwalk alongside unispins.

I don’t want to learn 360 unispins yet because I don’t feel like I’m ready enough for them. I’ve been trying to get at crankflips but I just can’t do it, not even close. Is there anything I could learn now that’s within my skill level and which would be useful as middle ground to progress to grinds and flips?

Also, feel free to share the order in which you learnt tricks and how certain tricks have helped progression.

One thing you can do to help make the tricks you have now even more solid, is to combine them:
-180 unispin to wheel walk
-Kick-up mount to wheel walk
-Seat in Front/Seat in Back Idle

In order to build up more confidence for the 360 unispins you could try to get some of the following tricks down:
-blind 180 unispin (unispin in the other direction)
-hop on tire
-90 unispins (up to tire and down to tire)
-270 unispin
-body variels

Grinds aren’t too hard to learn, you just need to be confident with your crank stalls/pedal stalls. Once you can do that, all you have to do is rolling hop into it and try to slide. For crankflips, you might want to learn revs (pedalling 1 revolution in the air). Some people might say to learn zero plants or footplant crankflips, but in my opinion I don’t think those are necessary. I learned crankflips without ever trying those. I’d also suggest staying away from half revs and half flips as the technique is different from a crankflip and it might make learning regular crankflips harder then before.

Hope that helped.

I think revs would defintly help with crankflips. I learned crankflips the same day I learned revs.

skate4flip: Thanks a lot! I think I’ll be working on body varials for a bit. Any tips on that? Oh, and how do you unispin to wheelwalk? Do you mean spinning, then landing with your feet in wheelwalking position or landing on the pedals first before wheelwalking?

Revs might help (I think) in giving you a good gauge of how high to hop… but that’s from someone who can neither rev nor flip at the moment so.