My Very First Muni Experience

Hello All,
I am fairly new here. I ride a 20" Torker Unistar cx, and i am 15. I have never posted anything, but today seemed like a perfect day. I have been riding around pretty much only forward for a few months, just playing though.
About 2 weeks ago i learned of all that cool stuff you can do. I have been riding whenever i can. I got up yesterday and a rode a bike 30 miles and then went to Potato Creek State Park in Indiana, usa. The bike trails were boring so today i convinced my mother to take me up to Winona lake bike trails, I have to say that they were awesome!!!
I use to skateboard, and i never had as much fun as i did today. My mom bought me new aluminum pedals with removable pins, and she bought me some sixsixone shin and knee guards.

 A couple people told me of a few guys who do trials around there, but they weren't there today. 

 I forgot to mention i started trying to ride one footede this morning, and i can get about 20 pedal rotations.

where in indiana do you reside.?


good job on the one foot. You learned quicker than me. My friend uni’s and he kept telling me to put one foot on the frame but i didnt listen(point) make sure you put one foot on the frame. GOOD LUCK.