My UW... Thanks Simon

I’d first of all like to thank Simon for his idea of the “home made” UW.

I used a similar design. It is now finished & solid as a rock!! I’ve had it
completed now for 3 weeks. I had to use a 24 inch rim as I could not find a
piece of Oak that was big enough for my 26 inch rim that I was going to use… I
cut just barely enough space for 2 crank arms into the Oak centerpiece, then
used a couple of dabs of super glue after I “whacked the crank arms in place.” I
then used a glue called “Excel One.” It is part polyurethane & expands as it
dries to fill all the gaps around the crank arms. I then sanded down the glue
that had sponged out. I sanded the whole thing down & then applied 3 coats of
polyurethane. I then covered the crank arm apparatus (imbedded in the wood) with
a couple of brass kick plates from an old bathroom door. I screwed the rim to
the Oak frame; put on the tube & tire & was ready to “rock & roll.” (more
rocking than rolling actually)

I am able to balance on it & go forward about 3 full rotations of the wheel, but
then I fall off. I’ve ridden uni’s for years & this IS a challenge!!! I’m
having a problem with balancing my weight evenly on both pedals. Therefore, the
wheel jitters back & forth throwing my balance off. I know that practice makes
perfect… but in my case, I fear I’ve got quite a bit of practicing to do…
I’m trying to hold on to a wall for support then gradually weening myself from
it. If there’s anyone out there who can ride a UW well, I’d appreciate any tips
you could throw my way.

I’ll post a picture of it when I get my digital camera back.

Shane Connor Tulsa, OK. USA.