My Unispin Story

Some of my first unispins from 180 to 720:

wooow, sick story!!
i like your style


Thanks, guys!

amazing improvement dude, 180-720 in less than a year is really impressive! :slight_smile:
out of interest, do you only ride flat? :slight_smile:

It didn’t take you long to go from 180 to 720. If I didn’t know better I’d think it was easy.

Thank a lot!

Pretty much. I ride a little bit of street like doing tricks onto and off of small obstacles. And I sometimes ride trials too but flat is definitely my favourite.

Very nice man! Really crazy progression. Your style is coming along nicely now, like 6 months ago it was pretty meh but now all your tricks look a lot cleaner and it’s getting really sick. :slight_smile: