My unis

I finally took the plunge and bought a digital camera and look at the first picture I took.
It’s my p.os. loaner, my 24x3 Muni and my 28’r

Oops, I guess the next thing to learn is how to use the sizing function

Get a copy of IrfanView
It’s a free image viewer that also does basic image editing like resizing, cropping, file format conversion, color correction, etc.

Here’s a smaller version of your pic:


Thanks John:D

So what kind of digital camera you got? Along with being a unicycle enthusiast (read: nerd), I’m into digital cameras as well (read: nerd).
I noticed that your MUni doesn’t have brakes on it. Pity. :wink:

I’m envious Kenny. Great Pics of your unicycles. I hope to get a digital camera soon so I can post pics of my uni’s too.

Plus pics of my daughters and I riding. --chirokid–

You’ve got a nicely stocked bar there, Kenny. :slight_smile:

I purchased a Canon PowerShot A60. I did a little research and decided a 2.0 megapixel camera would do fine for what I intend to do with it. I almost bought a 3.2 Cannon AS300, but it didn’t have a zoom. The A60 has a 3x optical zoom and a 2.5 digital zoom. The fact that Target had it for $229 with a free 128 mb card really sweetened the deal.
Too bad about my MUni being “brakeless” but if you read my sig line, you’ll notice I don’t need no stinkin’ brakes!!!:wink: :wink: :wink:

Thanks, Chirokid, I’ve been eyeballing Digital camers for quite some time and finally just decided to do it!

Unibabyguy, I’ve tried to keep the liquor in the bar at the lowest level possible, but it makes me wobble too much

Re: My unis

john_childs <> wrote:

>Get a copy of ‘IrfanView’ (
>It’s a free image viewer that also does basic image editing like
>resizing, cropping, file format conversion, color correction, etc.

It doesn’t appear to support Linux, MacOS X, or even UNIX. Probably not
open source either.

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Great picture, KrashinKenny! I especially like the backdrop. Great
place to be after a hard ride! Great set of wheels too.


Ken Fuchs <>

Re: Re: My unis

You got me there. I made the assumption that he was using Windows because a Mac user would already know how to resize a photo and Linux users already know how to find free software. :slight_smile:

Every Windows user who posts pictures to the forum should get IrfanView. Not only does it let you resize the image but it also lets you recompress the JPG with a lower quality JPG compression setting to make the file a smaller download. It’s much nicer to post a 30 KB file rather than a 600 KB file.

Re: Re: My unis

Thanks Ken. The bars a little cluttered right now as we’re remodelng in that area. I did find out how to resize my pics when I shoot them so hopefully in the future I won’t be wasting so much space on RSU

Hey Kenny… Wanna sell the Lone Star neon sign?


…just had to throw in a detail of my Bedford MUni with its custom powder coated Alex rim and Suzue hub and the fine Monty cranks…

…it may be gathering dust right now but I can still enjoy just looking at it!


custom muni wheelset.jpg

Maybe someone needs to get working on a “clean joke” around this one to post in the discussion forum. “So these three unicycles roll into a bar one day…”

Two things

First, WOW erin that is one sexy unicycle!!!

Second, i use to be the digital camera specilast at our local Harvey Norman store and i can tell you that the cannon cameras are very nice! Its a little bit of a pitty that you went for the AA battery model but thats ok im sure it will sute what you are doing.

Have fun with the camera, But you know now we expect to see HEEPS of pics of your unicycling madmess!!!





Help call an ambulance i think im going to have a heart atack!!!

A pitty? AA NiMH rechargeable batteries do great in a digital camera. The AA rechargeable batteries are easy to get and less expensive than the proprietary battery sizes.

My digital camera uses AA batteries and that was actually a big selling point for me. I can use the same batteries in my camera and my GPS. That makes things easier for me and saves me money too because the batteries and charger can be used with more than one device.

Thomas Distributing has good prices on NiMH batteries and chargers. The MAHA chargers are very good.

So these three unicycles roll into a bar one day. You’d have thought one of them would have hopped.

Sorry, couldn’t resist.

I picked a up set of four Energizer 1850 m/ah NiMH batteries with a 1 hour charger at WalMart for less than $30

3 uni’s roll into a bar and begin bragging about the new drinks popping up everwhere that were generated from this one-wheeled craze,
The little one starts telling about the “p.o.s”. It’s a cheap pink drink for the inexperienced drinker that draws strange remarks and stares from everyone and usually leaves one in a wobbly state, but it doesn’t last very long.
The short fat one tells about the “Muni”, a dark earthy colored ale that is MUCH stronger than the “p.o.s.” and has been known to leave one lying face down in the dirt,
The taller uni brags about a drink named after his big sister, the “Giraffe”. After one of these, one feels 10 feet tall and bullet-proof, but is abruptly brought back “down to Earth”