my unicycling website

Hello all,

I’ve just made a website for my local uni club, RUniC. Founded at the same time as the site :sunglasses:

Best viewed in 800x600 screen resolution, but shouldn’t make too much difference.

Please post any comments, either on here or on the guestbook.


come on then, any thoughts? could be improved? too small? needs expanding? bad color scheme? choice of music? videos working? pictures slide show working?

It looks pretty good. Here are my two cents.

Pick a more normal font to use for your text (arial, times, courier), something that everyone is sure to have on their computers. Right now I’m looking at something sort of scripty that’s extremely hard to read, especally for large blocks of text.

Don’t use that .tk domain place. I understand it’s free and all, but there’s loads of other free places that don’t make you wait 15 seconds before you can even view the first page. (Sorry, I’ve been viewing a lot of pages that use this free domain for the past 2 days so it’s REALLY bugging me. heh)

Finally, don’t expect replies to your posts so soon. Yea it’s sunday and there’s nothing else to do, but a lot of people really don’t read this on the hour every hour, so your best bet is to wait a day and you’ll have plenty of replies.

Thanks for your comments. Sorry about being impatient, that’s just me being me :slight_smile:

I will be changing the font in the next couple of days. Will be a lengthy process, because I made all of the pages in notepad. Therefore, I have to go into every one of them individually :frowning:

However, I’ll be keeping the ‘.tk’ domain. Unfortunately, they only started the ‘wait 15 secs’ thing after I signed up. If you could suggest any other free domains, I’ll give them a go. Until then, if you really can’t wait 15 seconds, you can go directly to .

Thanks for the constructive comments, keep them coming!


Re: my unicycling website

On Sun, 15 May 2005 15:26:25 -0500, “fishnchipsx2” wrote:

>Please post any comments, either on here or on the guestbook.

It’s surprisingly mature for a website you just made! Few comments:

  • Loose the background music. Not my taste, especially at 6:30 in the
    *I think it’s best viewed in /more/ than 800x600. My monitor is
    1600x1200 and I could use even more real estate on your site.
  • I hate thin light lettering on black background. My eyes don’t like
    it, but also my monitor doesn’t seem to be very good at it.
  • I clicked Pics - All pics. The screen said “Unable to display

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wouldnt you be grumpy if somone just said you had PMS? - jagur


  • Good job for using notepad! I’m always imprseed when people bother using HTML

  • Frames have their uses and I’ll leave it up to you whether you want to keep them but I suggest you add inside the frame tag noresize because being able to resize them looks tacky

  • If you must have a splash page make the “Enter Here” Link with normal HTML not in the actual flash part. If people don’t have flash they can’t enter the site!

  • I like the expandable menus but the sub menu should be a slightly different colour

  • The black on yellow doesn’t work for me either

Good job though, you are on your way to HTML designing!

It would also be better if the splash page didn’t open up an entire new browser window. It should open the page in the existing browser window.

The music doesn’t work in Firefox. Try to avoid doing things that only work in IE.

The splash page should have a proper title for the site. Right now the title for the splash page is “” it would be better if it was something like “RUniC - Ringwood Unicycle Club”. The title is the default name when bookmarking your site. Make the title something meaningful for a bookmark title.

I added your site to my megalist of bookmarks. You’ll be in the next update.

thanks for all the suggegstions.

i’ll add a link for the main site from the intro page outside the flash bit right now. will try changing the title for the splash page as well, although i’m not sure if it’s just the .tk domain that does that.

will stick with the music, however. i am not familiar with how firefox works, so if anybody can give me the code for embedding music that will work on it, i will be grateful.

will experiment with the noresize tag. however, it does give the option for people with different resolutions to change it to their liking.

will also experiment with the font sizes and colours. i would like to stick with the black background though. as for the sub menus, i’ll see if i can make the lettering bold to make it more readable.

i think the non-working slide show is due to activex settings on individuals’ computers. i’ll have a look for ways to make it work without changing settings, but it’s probably beyond my knowledge and understanding of html and javascript. the same problem occurs with any movies that i try to embed. if anyone can tell me how to get these going, it would be much appreciated.

thanks again for all the suggestions,


hey dude

i am located in southampton area so not too far away from ringwood.

i was wondering if,where and when do you have unicycle meets or do you just go out riding?

for either one i would really like to meet you and some other uni riders as i have yet to meet some. are you going to the south west uni meet?

thanks very much , the site looks great


its an informal sort of club. just an excuse to make a website really.

i doubt that i’ll be able to make it to the SW uni meet, but it would be really good to meet up and go for a ride. are there any really good places in southampton that you know of? you could always come down here at some point.

half term would be best . . . . i am away for the first half tho. wed 3rd jun to sun 7th would be ideal.

I use firefox so I didn’t notice any embedded music. But I would strongly suggest you get rid of it entirely. If people are listening to music on their computers, or are using other audio it has the potential to really mess up a person’s enjoyment of your site.

Also it would have crashed my computer and I’d have been pissed and vowed to never return.

Check out for that kind of information

Firstly, do any major sites do that? People aren’t going to spend time changing the layout each time they visit the page

Your really don’t want to be using activex for such tasks, ActiveX only works for Windows Internet Explorer. No Linux, no Firefox…

Sorry it’s negative comments but if you can fix the problems you have the oppurtunity for a good site.

yeah theres plenty of great places to ride in the city centre its worth the travel. and yeah i wouldnt mind coming to reading but i dont really know my way around very well so i might need to bring a friend who does, he cheats and does trials biking.


sorry to anyone who couldn’t get the site, the server shut down without notice. however, it is now back up, with improvements!

everything on it should be working by now . . .

juggling_unicyclist_joe - it would be cool to meet up, but i don’t know where you got the reading idea from - i’m closer to soton than there! get me on your msn - fishnchipsx2 at hotmail


I would recomend using cascading style sheets (css) it lets you keep all the font/color/size/etc information in one place! The site looks pretty good, a little harder to read with the weird colors, but looks cool. Keep just using notepad, you can do anything, and you will actually understand it. You are motivating me to work on my web page, which is currently all but non existant (and I have no place to host it) :frowning:

mine’s hosted at

as you can probably tell, its free. gives you the option of a plain, 120mb-or-so site without ads, or one with a load of extras plus ads. (i went for the lite version)

hope this helps you until gilby gets the server going again,


Definetly use style css. It’s not that hard to learn and makes things sooooooooo much easier to keep track of.

cheers, css most certainly does make things easier. takes a bit of fiddling to begin with, but its worth it.