My unicycling story

Name: John Butler Age: 20 From: Waycross, GA, studying at Georgia Tech in
Atlanta (U.S.) Job: Computing Support Representative Other Hobbies: Typography,
Bass Guitar, Juggling, Politics

    I learned to unicycle before I learned to juggle. During my senior year
    of heh school, A girl named Jill Cirasella (who was a sophomore at the
    time) moved to my town and became good friends with my sister. She had a
    unicycle (Cyclepro brand, anyone heard of that one?) that she sold to me
    for $15!!! It was a 24", and it took me about three weeks to be able to
    ride it any good distance. I rode it all over my neighborhood. I then
    started to practice juggling again, and later that year I could do a
    3-ball cascade. I brought the unicycle with me up here to Georgia Tech,
    and I like to use it to get around campus. I've seen one other
    unicyclist, but I don't know him very well. There was a coffee house
    about three miles from my dorm my freshman year, and I would ride there
    in my spare time. Nothing like unicycling 6 miles through downtown
    Atlanta. Once I was riding around under the Southern Bell building and
    some 12-14 year old kids on skateboards came by. They were rather
    impressed. Unfortunately, one of the little shits offered me some
    marijuana... 12 years old! I politely refused, and warned him in advance
    that cops frequently patrolled the building so he might want to get rid
    of his stash.

Just curious, but am I the only Republican on this list?