my unicycling rebellion

Many of you know,that I have a broken ackle and,that I have a hard cast on. My mom insists that I dont uni even tho it dousnt hurt. But i guess Im to much of a rebel. So I uni when my folks arnt home or in my room …but mostly in my room. Does any one have any trick ideas that I could do in a small space that you could do withou thaving 2 bend both ancles…I tried wheel walking but I have 2 get used 2 doing it with the cast on…I have been working on a kinda seat out stall thing and im working on my …uni cans is what I think its called …but is there any other things I could do in a small space?


you could rest, so you dont get hurt anymore

thats the thing i wont get hurt…i have fallen on this cast and its like s sheild

I don’t think falling on your cast will be the main problem. You’re more likely to hurt something by moving your leg to much and not letting it heal. I say take it easy and play computer or talk to us or something. :slight_smile:

Sounds like a perfect time to work on your backflips and other gymnastic skills.

I suggest gurning.
You can do this whilst on your unicycle in front of a mirror.
Gurning is fun.


I agree, relax and let it heal. Doctors know what they’re talking about, and if your doctor didn’t think that you needed a cast, they wouldn’t have put one on.

Yeah, gurning.
All the babes love a gurner…

if u try to do stuff with a fracture so my docter tells me its twice as worse cause ull get hurt and it will be on twice as long

ok yall have convinced me i wont try any thing

Scuba diving would be good. The pressure will help your leg heal faster.


Good luck healing.

Unicycle boy did lots of one footed stuff when he was in a cast at BUC the other year.

My friend broke his ankle rock climbing. He was put in a cast and told not to walk or put weight on it.

Being much cleverer than a doctor, he decided that as it didn’t hurt, it would be OK to go to a barn dance. He was the caller, so he didn’t do much dancing, but he did some, as he was sure it would be OK.

Years later, he still can’t walk properly, and his ankle gives him constant pain.

Need I say more?

Normally i would be all for the “I don’t need your advice! I can pull off this 720 uni-spin even with a broken foot” however i suggest you take your doctor’s advice, he’s a doctor, he might have even been to med. school. Most of all he probably has candy.