My unicycling low

So i got my new unicycle yesterday, its a flatland KH/Nimbus conversion and i took it out 2day. It sucked. I can’t ride properly any more and i cannot do any of the old tricks i could do. I’m not sure weather the problaim lies in the new unicycle of the 10cm cranks which i thought i would invest some time into becoming good with.
Does it usualy take you a long time to adjust to a new uniycyle or does it come naturaly.

Regards JPW

If you’re used to longer cranks then yes it takes some getting used to. Personally, I ride a trials uni w/ 125s and I ride distance on a 29" with 100s. Yet I have difficulty riding a friend’s freestyle with 100s.

The tricks aren’t gone. You’ll coax them back, just need a bit of patience. Set a few small goals.

when you get a new uni with a different wheel size or crank length it will feel really weird and probably be very difficult to ride but you’ll get used to it and your tricks will come back eventually.