My Unicycling Journal

Hi, I just joined the forums.

Last summer my friend and I got beginner unicycles and KH shin pads, I got a cheap Sun. Over the summer we learned and got some basic skills down. Near the end of the summer we both got Koxx1’s from Unfortunately when school started again I gradually rode less and less until I stopped completely. A month or two ago I got my unicycle out again, rode around, and did some hops. Since then I have been riding whenever I can and I talked to my friend and he started again also.

I saw a few other journals (lilestrom) and decided to make my own. I’ll use this to post new achievements and other unicycle related stuff.

So far I can:
Ride Forward
Ride Backward
Jump 45 cm SI
Jump 35 cm SIF
180 Hoptwist
Crank Grab
Jump up out of Crank Grab
Ride 1 footed
Gap around 4 ft
Suicide Mount
Kick up Mount
180 Mount
Leg Wrap (just landed first one today :D)

Thanks for reading!


I just went out to practice because some relatives are coming over and I have to unicycle for them. I did some leg wraps and hopped up some stuff and then I decided to try 180 unispins again. At first I would mount and hop a bunch and then pause before I tried and I didn’t get anywhere. Most times I didn’t even start the spin. But then I decided to try only doing a few hops and no pause. First try, I got closer than I have in a long time. I kept trying for about 10 minutes and then I LANDED MY FIRST EVER 180 UNISPIN!!! :D:D:D:D:D

Welcome to the forum Julia.

You’re starting a journal when you can already do more things than most people on here?

Congrats! You ride better than I do.

We can’t tell from your equipment list or avitar if you have a helmet.

I broke one two years ago.

Yep I got a helmet a few weeks ago and now I always wear it if I’m doing anything other than just riding on a flat surface.

You need to be careful about not wearing a helmet even if you are only “riding on a flat surface.” You never know what you might get into on the spur of the moment! :stuck_out_tongue:

Having said that, welcome the the forum and don’t stop improving!

After trying for around 2 hours I finally landed another 180 unispin. This week I’m going to work on getting them more consistent.

Today I got my 180 unispins to about 1 out of 4 and I figured out what to do with my hands so that really helped. By the end of the week I’d like to get at least 1 out of 2 and be able to start doing them off of small stuff.

My friend and I went up to this elementary school near us today, and I had a ton of fun and did some new stuff.

I jumped up onto the bench of a picnic table that’s 19 inches (main accomplishment:D)
I got better at jumping up this bench that’s 17 inches but its on dirt with very little room to prehop.
I got better at unispins.
I practiced crank grabs for the first time in a while.

So it was a very successful day and I’m pretty happy because I think at least that I’m progressing pretty quick.

We went up to the elementary school again and I had another great day.

I got better at jumping up that bench.
I put 2 picnic tables side by side where the seats were touching and gapped it (sidehop) :smiley:
I got better at 180 unispins and I landed my first one where the seat started backwards.

A very good day.