My unicycling characature...

I was just unpacking from my holiday and found a characature that I had done in New Orleans. The guy who did it asked me what my favourite hobby was and naturally, I said unicycling. So I had this characature done of me on a unicycle. I’m pretty impressed because I’m riding something that appears to be the size of a Coker but with a tyre that must be at least 5" wide :).

Unfortunately I couldn’t get it to work as my avatar.

Has anyone else had a unicycling characature done?

characature 5.jpg

Re: My unicycling characature…

I had one done in '86 in SF, where I’m drawn unicycling across the Golden Gate bridge. Don’t know where it is anymore though, if it exists in another long forgotten moving box.

Can you isolate just the face for your avitar?

Sounds like you had a great trip but I think you were the only Aussie that was not at Whistler BC. I skied there a couple weeks ago and I swear every other person was from Australia. We did several chair lift rides with your countrymen and even ended up sharing a gondola on the ride down the mountain at the end of the day. Then at dinner about 20 were at the table next to ours.

Welcome back,

Thanks Steve,

I’m half-way through trying to use just the face as the avatar. In Chamonix where we skied, the we about 15 other Aussies staying where we were staying. There were also heaps out on the slopes. I think it’s because a lot of us use the holidays we’re on now to escape the heat and go skiing. We’ve got some places to ski here but they just don’t compare to places like Chamonix and probably where you were.


Found my unicycling caricature

Thirteen months later guess what I stumbled on!

Re: Found my unicycling caricature


So what was the line there? Looks like a fast downhill to catch the cablecar, then a pedal grab onto the back steps, up to rubber on the roof, front jump from the roof of the car to the bridge…then what? Rolling jump to a stillstand on top of the Transamerica tower?