My Unicycle

Hey there everyone. I just got a new tire and
my unicycle looks in good shape so I thought
I might put a picture on it and see what you think.


is that a torker 24" with a big tire? looks cool.

I’m guessing that’s a torker AX 24"? Your cranks look bent, but that could just be the angle of the picture and the bad camera.

As for manon1wheel, you’ve got it right on the money

And for zfreak220, it is an LX 24" and after you wrote that I got worried and checked my uni, the cranks (thankfully) aren’t bent

any higher res pics or close ups or anything…it seems very blurry

New Pictures

Here are all of them!

I hope they got downloaded right :astonished: :astonished: :astonished: :astonished:

whdo you use yur uni for? (muni, trials, street, cruising, etc.) i cant inagine trials or street AT ALL, and cant say that i think the trie would be to great for muni but hookworms are prob good for liek cruising local streets.

I have not tried the hookworm on my uni yet but on my bike it does surprisingly well on rougher trails as long as there is no mud. The high volume seems to make up for the lack of tread, Don’t be afraid to hit the trails with that tire :slight_smile:

Maybe he just likes to commute, and have some fun! Usually I go out on my Torker LX 24" and fool around and ride to the store or something…

Good lookin uni. Not quite sure about the Cranks, but if you are just commuting, then you shouldn’t have any problems with em.

Maybe he just likes to commute, and have some fun!/QUOTE]
i nvr said he couldnt have fun w/ it if thats wat yur gettin at…not what i meant at all…i think it looks nice… i was just wondering

Hey guys,

I am right now using this unicycle for trials.

I was wondering, would I ever be able to get good at trials on this?

Would I be able to jump onto a park bench.

Would it be easier with this?
Could I ever actually get any trials done on it.

I am considering getting a Nimbus Trials ISIS 20 inch.

Hey hungry4uni, how are liking the Hookworm? I picked one up at a LBS and want to replace my worn Duro Wildlife Leopard for pavement cruising…how many p.s.i are you running in it?


The nimbus ISIS would be better to do trials on because it has a splined hub, which means that the axle interface is much better than a cotterless interface (like on your torker) This is because the ISIS axle has 10 points of contact (spreads ou the force) while the cotterless has only 4 points of contact.

I was pleased, but not insanely.

I think it’s good for freestyle, but definatley not for trials.

if you live in canada, which I dont know…order it from

I think I shouldn’t have had those last two slices of pizza for lunch. burp

You’ll be able to do a few things with that uni, and yes you could jump onto a park bench, but if you jump off benches and anything much higher, you’ll risk breaking the hub. A splined hub (such as an ISIS) would be ideal.

Also, the Hookworm isn’t the best tire for trials. The first thing I’d do to that uni would be to change the tire.

Ride it until you break it, I say, then get a new hub. You can’t go wrong with that!

You know, I’ve tried looking at that site so many times, but it never works for me.

i like the hookworm. (not for trials though)
my friend got the nimbus isi 24 and thats the standard tire.
He has it at max psi and it is real smooth.
great for riding on pavement.


Still 2.jpeg