My unicycle train

I brought my unicycle to a family reunion in Port Townsend, Washington and my uncle had a tow-bike thingy and a bike trailer with him. So I attached them and pulled my cousin in the trailer. Overall it was pretty hard to get going but I could turn quite easily once I got going. Here are some pics:

Oh and nobody could sit on the tow-bike because it pulled the uni straight back.

prety funny/cool idea you had.

but, the real reason i’m posting, why is your name “Captain With Meat”?

it was sort of a joke from a long time ago and its my username for lots of things now

cool. and +1 to the pull behind bike thing. You shold mount it so it keeps the uni up straight so someone can ride the back part.

kudos for the sambas. I hear they’re the shoes of choice. cough

Cool pics. Just curious if you could get someone to pedal the smaller bike behind you, it could be like a twin engine train.

no, we tried having someone on the blue bike but the weight makes the uni fall backwards. It does work when attached to a bike tho, I pedaled the back one and my uncle just steered while riding the front bike.

And sambas are awesome, I’ve worn them my whole life :sunglasses:

More practise required, methinks.

Then your seat post snaps in half…

First AccordNSX, now YOU?!?

How’s the lawn-mowing going?

Still trying to persuade the wife to do it occasionally. It ain’t gonna happen.

Oh well, as long as there’s beer.