my unicycle of woe

I have a problem with my unicycle…I keep breaking it. Two days ago I managed to smash a solid aluminium dx pedal into 3 pieces just a day after getting the wheel trued. And now there’s a funny click coming from one of my new pedals (DMF big spikey buggers). Why oh why oh why can I never have a fully working unicycle for more than a week. I must have racked up a massive amount of bad unicycling karma in some way or another.
Just before christmas it was stolen from me, which in retrospect I am massively grateful for as it made me appreciate how rootin’ tootin’ fun unicycling is. Thankfully I got my unicycle back after the local paper did a story on how it was pinched. Anyway enough of my musings, it’s a lovely sunny day so I’m going to go to the park and see if I can damage my unicycle some more…

Re: my unicycle of woe

details, please!